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Hydration and nutrition are cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle but it can be hard to always know what is best to eat and drink and when you are cycling. Too much food and water can leave you feeling heavy and bloated when you ride, too little and you are not fuelling yourself properly. 

That’s why our partners at British Cycling have put together some great information on keeping hydrated and the best foods to eat, whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy diet, or want to know what fuel your body needs for a race. Just click below.

Hydration Hydration

It’s essential to understand what fluids your body requires and when, for optimum performance. Check out British Cycling’s advice on the best way to hydrate on and off the bike...

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Healthy Recipes Healthy Recipes

Do you eat to live or live to eat? Whatever you are into, check out some great recipe ideas from British Cycling for before and after your ride, and to maintain a healthy diet...

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How to lose weight on the bike

If you've started to cycle to lose weight, check out this video.

Nutrition Secrets with Team Sky

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How to Fuel Yourself on Your Bike

If you want advice on the best way to fuel yourself on a bike, check out this video.