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This trip is Self Guided allowing you to discover the area and explore on your own.
This trip is ideal for Newcomers and Cyclists & Cycling Breaks with Friends.
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Tranquil white beaches, dunes, small villages and the Dutch countryside will makes up the scenery of Zeeland, a small province in the south west coast of The Netherlands. The Delta Works are a series of dams and bridges, likely to be the highlight of your trip. 

DAY 1Arrive in Burgh Haamstede

For those daring enough to use public transport, it takes around three hours to Burgh Haamsteade from Amsterdam Airport or Hook of Holland Harbour. Dutch rail services do not travel to Burgh Haamstede, so you will need to catch a bus or the metro from Rotterdam. If you're bring your own bikes, a speedier route would be to make the town of Brielle your starting point. 

DAY 2Burgh Haamstede to Brielle

Today you will cycle along the stunning coastline of Schouwen-Duiveland with views of beaches and sand dunes. You will see The Delta Works, a series of sea barriers, sluices and dams along the coast of Zeeland, originally constructed to prevent flooding. Two parts of The Delta Works, Brouwers Dam and Haringvliet Dam will travel through islands as part of the route, with views of the sea on one side and lakes on the other. Your day will finish in the fortified town of Brielle. The restored star shaped forts include moats and canals, whilst the buildings have been persevered enhancing the ambiance of the town.

Today's cycling is approximately 50km

DAY 3Brielle to Willemstad

Cycling across the island of Voorne Putten you will see less of the coast and more of picture book Holland, in the form of lakes, polders and woods. Hoeksche Waard island includes idyllic fields with orchards around rows of houses. There are twelve remaining windmills of those used to drain the polders. You will then cycle across Volkerak Dam to reach the charming town of Willemstad. 

Today's cycling is approximately 50km.

DAY 4Willemstad to Zierikzee/ Noordgouwe

Cross the isle of Goeree Overflakkee with a view of polders, dunes and flat sands. Grevelingenmeer Lake can be crossed via a bridge. Back on the isle of Schouwen, explore the mussel town Bruinisse, "the Gateway to Zeeland" which contains a harbour and marina. Next, cycle to Zierikzee, a medieval town filled with historical buildings and a marina. To further understand the towns history, take a trip to the Maritime Museum. The Zeeland delicacy "Zeeuwse bolus" (pastry filled with syrup and cinnamon) and "Schouws palingbroodje" (bread stuffed with smoked eel) are both worth a try!    

Today's cycling is approximately 48km.    

DAY 5Zierikzee/ Noordgouwe to Burgh Haamstede

Oosterschelde National Park is filled with openings to the sea. Mudflats are concealed by seawater during high tide, then reveal themselves covered in food for birds during low tide. The mudflats are also a habitat for seals. You will cycle through the Oosterschelde on Zeeelandburg Bridge, to reach the isle of Noord-Beveland. This may be the highlight of your trip - a truly unique place, visited by few tourists. You can expect cycle through fields and small villages before reaching the renowned Oosterscheldekering. The Storm Surge Barrier is nine km long and is the largest and most innovative of the Delta Works. The barrier connects Noord-Beveland to Schouwen-Duiveland and was supposed to be a closed dam. However, after being pressured by environmentalists, over sixty sliding sluice gates were installed, protecting Oosterschelde's ecosystem. When sea levels are predicted to reach higher than three metres, the gates close, otherwise they stay open. The barrier includes a man made island, which hosts Delta Park "Neeltje Jans" Zeeland's biggest tourist hot spot. The attraction gives an understanding to the reasons behind building the Delta Works, what they do and how they conserve the coastline and environment. Additionally, Delta Park includes sea lion shows, aquarium and even a water park! After all the excitement it will be time for a contrast in scenery and you will see the fairytale woods of "Kop van Schouwen" nature reserve. You will finish the day at the same hotel you stayed at the first night of your trip.  

Today's cycling will be approximately 56km. 

DAY 6Departure Day

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel before departing for your homeward travel.



It's not called the lowlands for nothing with half the country being less than a metre above sea level. You can be assured of almost entirely flat riding from place to place and the experience of crossing the Dutch polders, land reclaimed from the sea and which help provide the Netherlands with such fertile land. 


Given the country's small size, there is very little variation in Holland's climate. The best period to travel is late Spring to early autumn. Expect breezier conditions as you ride closer to the coast.


Your accommodation will be in 3 or 4 star hotels, expertly picked for their locations and surroundings. 
Your trip will be bed and breakfast but we can upgrade you to half board if you prefer. Please just let our cycling experience team know when you enquire. 
The holiday is a self guided holiday allowing you to explore Holland at your own pace. We have hard copy routes available for you to follow but we recommend hiring a GPS and be guided from place to place with our preloaded routes. 
Even though the trip is self guided, we will provide you with a 7 day hotline number that you can use in case of any emergencies or queries whilst on your holiday. 
The bike we will provide you with is a fabulous 24 geared touring bicycle, perfect for exploring the short distances you will be making on your holiday. We are able to provide e-bikes, children's bikes and road bikes so if you require these, please ask us. 
Your bike will come equipped with essential tools for you to repair a puncture, replace an inner tube or fix a slipped chain. 
Your bags will be collected each morning and taken from your accommodation to the next night’s accommodation. We suggest you keep a day bag with you for all your essentials. 
Travel to Holland is not included.  
We consider travel insurance to be essential. Accordingly, it is a condition of making a booking through us that you have suitable insurance cover for the booking you have made and any activities which you expect to take part in. This insurance as a minimum should cover cancellation, baggage loss, accidents and health issues while you are away. We also recommend that you take your policy details with you when you travel. Please ask our cycling experience team if you would like us to arrange travel insurance for you.