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Written by Kevin P on 21st October, 2016
The clocks have changed and cycling home in the dark is now very much a reality. However Jessica Ennis-Hill and a warewolf are here to the rescue!
They are the unlikely stars of a new video launching an innovative new partnership between Santander Cycles and Blaze Laserlights. Over the next few months Santander Cycles will fit all of their 11,500 cycles with the new Laserlight which projects an image of a bicycle onto the road surface 6 meters in front of bike. You can watch the launch video here.
Love Velo saw the new lights in action on our cycle home last night and are already big fans. With 48% of Londoners citing worries about night time visibility as a reason they will cycle less in the winter, this new innovative design will hopefully go someway to alleviate those concerns.
Research by the Transport Research Laboratory found that the blind spot for left turning vehicles was reduced by over 25% by the device. The TRL also found that 78% of London bus drivers said that the Laserlight made it easier to identify cyclists on the road at night. Music to our ears at Love Velo.