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Destination of the Month: Mallorca

Written by Jonathan B on 14th January, 2019

It’s no secret that Mallorca is the go-to for cycling holidays. The island off the East coast of Spain is the biggest of its Balearic neighbours and attracts 250,000 cyclists each year, a staggering figure that only substantiates its popularity within the cycling community.

As British Cycling’s Official Travel Partners, we’ve made Mallorca our January Destination of the Month. We want to start 2019 off with a bang and there’s no better way to do this than by making our favourite cycling isle the focus for this January. As an added extra, we’re giving away free arm warmers to anyone who books a trip to Mallorca with us this month.

Cap Formentor and coastal rides

Cap Formentor is one of the most recognisable landmarks on the island. To reach the lighthouse from Port Pollensa you will need a good level of fitness but, as it’s less taxing than other climbs in Mallorca, this is a great way to start a cycling holiday. As the video below shows, each turn provides a new unique view over the Balearic Sea. The flawless expanse of ocean is the perfect backdrop to your first ride on the island, setting you up for an unforgettable cycling holiday in Mallorc

Famous Climbs

From the southwest to the northeast corner of the island are the Tramuntana mountains. Boasting UNESCO World Heritage Status and with a highets point of 1445m (Puig Major), this range makes Mallorca a paradise for the climbers of the cycling world. Sa Calobra, just one of the climbs located amongst this region, is noted as one of the most enjoyable in Europe. Its smooth roads, crisp views, hairpin turns and optimum length and height of 9.4km and 668m respectively make this a pleasure to ride. Its lack of appearances in any professional races only adds to the mystery and exclusivity of those who have completed the climb.View of the Tramuntana mountains Charming Towns

Our favourite place to stay is in Port Pollensa. The northern town is ideally located with access to Cap Formentor, the climbs in the west and the flatlands in the south/east. Relax on the beach following a day on the bike and eat out at the excellent restaurants located along the front. Whilst this is one of our recommended spots, there is no bad place to stay in Mallorca. Depending on the riding you wish to do and the kind of holiday you’re planning, we’ll ensure you’re set up in the perfect place on the island.Cyclists ride along the wall of Port Pollensa Ideal for all abilities

While the island is celebrated amongst cyclists for its climbs, there is also an abundance of smooth, flat countryside paths that intertwine throughout the island. These tailor to the needs of less experienced riders and those who want to take in the scenery of Mallorca without the added challenge of the Tramuntana mountains. Our coast to coast flatlands tour is just one of the options available for those seeking a relaxed, scenic holiday on the island.Farm with windmill Guaranteed sunshine

The Mediterranean sun that envelopes the island makes for an ideal cycling climate lasting the majority of the year. The summer months can bring in highs of 31 degrees, morning rides provide a simple solution for this, whilst the winter is only short due to the warm spring and autumn temperatures knocking on the door. Visit in Spring or Autumn for the perfect cycling conditions.

Cyclists ride along the coast of Mallorca