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Your Last Minute Adventure Cycling Holiday

Written by Bethany McAtee on 10th October, 2019

You know you want to go on a cycling adventure, yet you want to go this month. Yes that IS possible. Whether you want somewhere close, somewhere with bucket list routes, or somewhere steeped in culture, you can guarantee that you will be hitting the saddle soon. Below are our favourite destinations for you to choose from for your last minute adventure cycling holiday.


A mecca for cyclists, Mallorca boasts some of the most cycling friendly roads around. Picture 555km of stunning coastline, an endless patchwork of rural flatlands and the iconic Tramuntana mountains. Because of the diversity of landscapes, and Mallorca’s close proximity to the UK, organising a cycling holiday here is simple for anyone.

Your last minute adventure cycling holiday to Mallorca is perfect for a quick weekend getaway. All of the epic climbs, such as the switchbacked Sa Calobra, can be conquered in a couple days. Similarly, riding from South to North into the quiet countryside, filled with orange groves and even beaches need only take a long weekend. Everyone is welcome to cycle in Mallorca, be it hardcore road cyclists, active families or a retired couple wanted to explore by bike.road cyclist in cycling clothing standing on a balcony overlooking Mallorca's cliffs and coast

Gran Canaria

Have you exhausted your cycling bucket list? Even if you’ve ventured to the Canary Islands before, Gran Canaria is too good to miss. Especially seeing as it is still toasty warm in winter! Because 50% of the volcanic island is a UNESCO site, around every corner is incredible nature infused scenery. The barren, mountainous terrain is likened to a marscape, where the smooth roads are carved into jagged cliffs and coasts.

Due to the opportunity for self-guided riding with our GPX routes as well as continuous guided riding weeks, Gran Canaria is well suited for last minute trips. You’ll truly be in a cycling paradise with the abundance of renowned routes, such as the Valley of Tears. Although, part of the allure of Gran Canaria is the unnamed climbs. These brutal ascents tempt you into the unknown. Amazingly, even the climbs that aren’t iconic are built with pristine tarmac roads. This makes Gran Canaria very hard to of male and female road cyclists standing beside panoramic view of gran canaria mountains


Nestled between the Costa Brava, Pyrenees and the road to Barcelona in Spain, is Girona. A small city with its labyrinth of streets draped in medieval architecture, Girona is a cycling haven. The small cobbled alleyways of the old walled quarter often witness a zip of a road bike rolling between tourists. And before we get into the epic climbs, can we talk about the cycling themed cafes?! La Fabrica is a gem, serving cakes, coffee and all sorts of cycling merchandise that turns grown cyclists into kids again. 

Above all, Girona is home to smooth switchback roads that are iconic in the cycling world. A favourite among professional cyclists is the Rococorba at 13.8km with an average gradient of 6.5%. A lot of professional cyclists have made Girona their base, including David Millar. Likewise, Els Angels is a must-do climb even if it is slightly easier. The 10.1km and average 3% gradient road up to the Santuari dels Angels cross is featured in the Girona Cycling Festival each June. Girona couldn’t be in a better location for your last minute adventure cycling holiday. The incredible climbs and cycling friendly atmosphere is irresistible to any cyclist.road cyclist cycling on a switchback whilst tackling the els angels climb in girona


Want a cycling adventure off the beaten track? Jordan is the most welcoming country in the Middle East and might just be your calling. The perfect way to navigate through Jordan’s diverse landscapes is on a guided cycling holiday lasting 8 nights. With a local guide, learning about the country’s fascinating history is mad easy. You can visit the must-see sights, such as the Dead Sea (have a float!) and ancient Petra, along with many less touristy landmarks. 

Priced at only £1220, your Jordan adventure is ideal for a last minute holiday. When else are you going to get the chance to explore the untouched tracks to the big attractions, and cycle in deserts or on salt flats? There’s also a safari in Wadi Rum desert to watch the sunset, which, in our opinion is the icing on the cake.cyclists in the middle of a desert in jordan, with large sand mountains


Finally, for those who want a last minute adventure cycling holiday on the other side of the world. Consider jetting out to Vietnam, where you’ll find a vibrant culture woven into both slower paced paddy fields and energetic cities. Immerse yourself in the unique traditions that are fabricated into local restaurants, city parks and rural villages. 

As a result of Vietnam being next door neighbours to Cambodia and consequently Thailand, you can cycle 3 countries in one trip. A great idea for those who want to book a last minute trip to Asia and don’t have time to plan themselves! Vietnam’s cycling culture is well established, therefore there are routes left, right and centre. The quiet tarmac roads of the Ho Chi Minh Highway, which you can ride from Hanoi to Hue, is the most popular route. Alternatively, many cyclists choose to cycle to Siem Reap from Saigon, or even to Bangkok.cyclist between banana trees on a dirt track in vietnam

If you’d like to embark on a last minute adventure cycling holiday, contact our Love Velo cycling specialists today. We can organise self-guided, guided or training camp cycling holidays all over the world. Our self-guided cycling holidays use GPX routes that have been built by us, and include route descriptions and tips.