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Love Velo – Our Mallorca Cycling Holiday

Written by Luke Jeffrey on 20th March, 2019

3 months after an exploration trip in Monchique, the Love Velo team were packing their bags once again.

James, Macauley and I were off to Mallorca, one of the most popular cycling destinations in the world. As the rain came down in London, we said goodbye to the team at the office and jumped on the train to Gatwick Airport. Sa Calobra, we’ll see you soon.

Following a short 2 hour flight, we arrived in Palma and headed straight for our car hire. Whilst we all consider ourselves well-travelled, we were disappointed and slightly embarrassed that it took us longer to change the satnav from German to English than it did to leave the plane and find the car. From Palma, we headed north towards our first hotel in the beautiful town of Soller.The Love Velo team

Something we became accustomed to in each of the hotels was a ‘Mallorcan Corner’ at the dinner buffet. Here, local delicacies of olive oil, tomatoes, chorizo, paella and more were served, showcasing the rich and delicious flavours available throughout the island. Our plates were full and we were already in love with Mallorca.

Day 2 began the same way day 1 ended, at the buffet! Feeling energised, we enjoyed a 2-minute walk to the bike store, followed by a quick fit…and we were off! Before leaving the town, we stopped to watch the Soller tram roll past. Built in 1913, the tram only adds to the historic, charming nature of the town. We then embarked on the ride with a 1km warm-up section through the citric orchards before a 14km ascent followed.

It blew us all by surprise. Not only were the roads free of cars, but we were also treated to spectacular views over the Tramuntana mountains and glorious rides alongside mountain lakes that revealed themselves upon exiting the Monnaber Tunnel.

Love Velo in Mallorca, Love Velo – Our Mallorca Cycling Holiday

As we neared the peak, we each found our own pace and chose to regroup at the top. You can head over to the Love Velo Strava Club to find out how we got on (hint: a Love Velo KOM was recorded today)! We descended together into Port de Sa Calobra where we tucked into a well-earned pastry and coffee.

The 9km ascent back to Sa Calobra turned out to offer more incredible views of the Tramuntana mountains and the descent back down to Soller was unbelievable. It was a pleasure to ride amongst so many other cyclists, all sharing an admiration for the brilliance of Sa Calobra.

View of the the Tramuntana mountains

In comparison to the 13km morning ride from Fulham to Farringdon, 70km up and over Sa Calobra before 12:30 pm was quite spectacular. We dropped off our bikes and enjoyed lunch on the seafront in Soller before jumping in the car to Port Pollensa. After a quick check-in to our new hotel, we set out on foot to explore the town and relax on the coastal front. We were once again treated to an exquisite buffet dinner, each of us heading straight to the Mallorcan corner and loading our plates with chorizo and fish. When in Spain!

The next morning was unforgettable, rising to a vibrant sunrise over the bay. A 30-second walk was all that was required to pick up our bikes for the day. As we’d provided our details prior to pick up, three excellent Colnago’s were set up and ready for us to ride to Cap Formentor.

Cyclists ride to the Cap Formentor lighthouse

In one word: Spectacular. Cap Formentor surpassed all of our expectations. The hidden bays, minimal cars and impressive tunnels made this ride truly unforgettable. Oh, and the switchbacks. Don’t forget the switchbacks.

We reached the lighthouse and took part in a mass photoshoot alongside a number of other excitable cyclists. Following the routine pastry and coffee, we jumped on the bike and rode back to Port Pollensa where we were looking forward to an afternoon of exploring.

Cyclists ride to Port Pollensa

A buffet dinner (of course) followed a trip to the hotel spa before we sat back and enjoyed some evening entertainment. No Karaoke for us tonight, despite James’ best efforts to get on the mic.

We began the final morning, eager to discover more of the island. On the north coast, we drove to Alcudia and Can Picafort, the starting point for next months Mallorca 312. It was a drive that made us wish we were back on the bike! We continued south, visiting hotels and restaurants and discovering the unexplored southern beaches of Mallorca. This route took us back into Palma where our journey sadly came to an end.

Love Velo in Mallorca, Love Velo – Our Mallorca Cycling Holiday

We all knew Mallorca was the place to cycle but, until this trip, we had no idea just how special the island really was. Don’t wait any longer to ride here. Find out how you can cycle in Mallorca with Love Velo today.