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Never been on a cycling holiday? Here’s why you’re missing out…

Written by Jonathan B on 31st July, 2018

Where is the best place you have ever cycled?

It’s a question I find myself asking a lot of people and one that consistently generates unique results. At the RideLondon Cycle Show last weekend Love Velo were on a mission to find the answer. Dani Rowe, Olympic Gold medallist, and husband Matt confidently put forward Mallorca as their favourite destination whilst other visitors of the Cycle Show argued in favour of France, Italy and Mallorca (again) alongside a variety of other country’s.

As the day progressed we continued to put this question forward to anyone that stopped to speak to us – a good time to thank everyone for being so co-operative. We soon started to see a pattern emerge that, whilst some gave an honourable mention to the Yorkshire Dales and the New Forest, not one person concluded that their favourite place to cycle in the world was the UK. A sorry outcome but one that made us realise how important it is that every cyclist gets to experience the joys of riding in another country.

In response to these findings, we wanted to find out what it was that made cycling abroad so much more enjoyable than in the UK. So, in true Love Velo style, we put this question to the Cycle Show visitors and this is how they responded…

(Disclaimer: We still love cycling in the UK)

“Everything is just enhanced”

If we take Mallorca, one of our most popular destinations, it is clear to see why the beautiful Balearic Island is rated so highly amongst cyclists. With 300 days of sunshine a year, you’re almost guaranteed to be riding in the warm Mediterranean sun. The roads, used by professional riders to train on, are smooth, tarmacked and traffic free whilst accommodation is a walking distance from the stunning coast, hosting relaxing pools and picturesque restaurants. Challenging climbs are just around the corner or you can choose to ride the scenic flatter routes. It’s a cycling haven and there really is something for everyone.Cyclists at the beautiful Balearic Island“Falling in love with cycling again”

One visitor described his trip to France as crucial in reigniting his love for cycling. Following a wet winter, heading to the sunny south of France helped remind him why he fell in love with cycling in the first place. The freedom of riding, the speed on the descents and the panoramic views for miles on end. It’s a feeling that is hard to come by in the UK, especially during the winter. A change of scenery can be very beneficial if you’ve found yourself not cycling as much as you used to.

“You can eat what you want!”

We were initially confused by this as you can do this anywhere, right? However, a valid point was made following some explanation. On any holiday, its only natural to want to try the local food and enjoy a beer, a glass of wine, or maybe even two… This, however, is made significantly more rewarding following a day of cycling and exploring. You can taste all the cheeses in France or load up on pasta in Italy knowing it is fully deserved – and you need to put the calories back on anyway! Our Taste of Catalonia for Foodies is the perfect holiday for food lovers so check this out if you want to combine travel, cycling and the best food in Spain.Italian food “Visiting new places”

Travelling by bike is the best way to explore a new country or region. You’ll cover a significant distance and be introduced to a variety of different landscapes. Viewing Mallorca through a car window wouldn’t even come close to the real experience, whilst, if you tried to walk from north to south, it would take you 13 hours. We know what we’d rather do! Cycling, therefore, is the uncontested best way to travel.

“It’s a great community”

If you’re travelling with friends and family then a cycling holiday is a great way to bond and create new long-lasting memories. For those heading off on an independent cycling holiday, you’ll find that this is the best way to be meet new, like-minded people. Wherever you cycle in the world, there will be someone to talk to with a bike. The shared connection is what makes the community so great! Our experience in booking these holidays means we know the best places to stay to meet fellow riders so leave it in our hands and we’ll ensure you have a great holiday, regardless of how many people you travel with.Cyclists taking a break So, there you have it. Just 5 of the reason why you claimed to love going on cycling holidays. If you’ve never ridden in another country and you’re thinking about a trip then give us a call on 0207 157 1519 and we’ll provide you with all the information you need. Alternatively, drop us an email on [email protected].