21st February, 2019

How well do you know the Highway Code?

As enthusiastic advocates for cycling to work and getting on the bike at every opportunity, we think it's vital that everyone knows how to stay safe on the…
View of the Dolomites
18th February, 2019

Join the Love Velo Strava Club

We're excited to be launching our official Strava Club. As dedicated cyclists, the Love Velo team will be joining you, the travellers, in sharing our favourite rides all…
13th February, 2019

5 Reasons why you NEED to cycle in Belgium

Following the recent addition of 4 more Belgium cycling holidays to the Love Velo website, we wanted to share what makes the country so special to us and…
6th February, 2019

Destination of the month: Girona

You might be thinking: 'Well played, Love Velo. Make a city of romance and beauty the Destination of the Month for February, the month of love. Smart move...'…
Cyclists ride along the mountains of Andorra
2nd February, 2019

Andorra – Cycling’s biggest secret

Recently, a few lucky members of the Love Velo team spent a weekend fact-finding in Andorra. Since their return, they have not stopped talking about it. Nestled in…
Cyclists ride through the beautiful Mallorca
14th January, 2019

Destination of the Month: Mallorca

It's no secret that Mallorca is the go-to for cycling holidays. The island off the East coast of Spain is the biggest of its Balearic neighbours and attracts…
9th January, 2019

5 places you need to cycle in 2019 and why

Andorra There’s an exclusive group of road cyclists that know about Andorra but don’t want to let the secret out. Nestled between France and Spain, within the magnificent…
21st December, 2018

The power of cycling – Laura Winter

Sweating, swearing, legs burning, chest heaving; I am climbing Mont Ventoux. I am moving at snail’s pace, compared to the professional male and female pelotons who race up…
5th December, 2018

Top 5 Tips for Family Cycling Holidays

The family cycling holiday is a rapidly growing phenomenon. All over Europe, and even further afield, dedicated cycle lanes are being introduced and the word is spreading that…

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