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Proposal on a Love Velo Holiday (She said Yes!)

Written by Tim Jones on 19th June, 2019

At Love Velo, we’ve heard plenty of great stories from cycling holidays. However, this ones a bit different.

On a cycling holiday from Venice to Croatia, Tim Jones saw an opportunity to make this the most memorable holiday he and his partner, Tamzen, will ever go on. We’ll let him explain:

“I had planned to propose on our cycle holiday, as Italy has all ways been a special location for us. We have had numerous holidays there and love the country.

I didn’t have a specific day or location in mind but had the ring at the ready at all times. This was a particular stress when walking around Venice or evening times as it was hard to conceal in its box!Man and woman cycling on the Croatian coast

I didn’t want to propose in Venice itself, as Tamzen’s cousin got engaged there a year ago, so somewhere more original was the plan.

There were numerous lovely small villages and towns on the routes, I nearly proposed in Portogruaro on night 3, as it was a lovely town with scenic bridges over the river. But Tamzen is a country girl at heart so thought it would be better to be done in the Italian countryside.

Cyclist in the countryside in Croatia

Unknown to me prior to the trip, Tamzen’s father, a botanical lecturer, used to take pictures of her as a baby in poppy fields and show his students. This has created a close link to poppys for Tamzen.

Throughout the Italian countryside, poppies were rife. But only in small patches, until we came to an expansive blanket of poppies just outside Palmanova. This to me was the perfect place, we stopped to take a picture, and I nervously ‘faffed’ to get the ring.

Getting down on one knee, she said yes!

Woman proposed to on a cycling holiday in CroatiaWe then rode 5km or so to Palmanova where we celebrated with a Prosecco lunch, and onto Grado in the afternoon for a lovely meal and more wine!

Well earned after what was also Tamzens longest bike ride to date.”

Couple share Prosecco in CroatiaMan proposes to woman in Croatia

All that’s left to say is a huge congratulations to Tim and Tamzen! We’re thrilled to have helped make this occasion so special for both of them. Wedding in Mallorca anyone?

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Couple celebrate proposal in Palmanova