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Ride on the worlds first fully recycled plastic cycle path

Written by Jonathan B on 12th October, 2018

Located in Zwolle, a short distance east of Amsterdam, the 30m long path is the only one in the world to be made of 100% recycled bottles, cups and packaging. It is the first of many according to the paths joint creators; KWS, Total and Wavin.

As enthusiastic cyclists, we’re excited about this new development and are already looking forward to seeing the plastic paths implemented in more locations in the Netherlands and wider Europe. The paths creators, Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma, share our excitement, claiming “this first pilot is a big step towards a sustainable and future-proof road made of recycled plastic waste”.

With over 218,000 plastic bottles used to form this path, it will hopefully initiate a new movement to make cycling and transport even more sustainable.Cyclist rides on the worlds first fully recycled plastic cycle path in Amsterdam As one of our most popular and inclusive cycling destinations, we’re excited to start seeing Love Velo travellers ride here. Featured on a number of our Holland cycling holidays, this route will undoubtedly start attracting more cyclists which will, in turn, help raise awareness to the advances in recycling technology.

Adding to the already innovative design, the path is also equipped with sensors. These will monitor the performance of the road including the number of people that ride on it, the temperature it reaches and how well it copes with the busy traffic. Therefore allowing the creators to modify the design when building more of these paths in the future.

We’re excited to see more of these cycle paths introduced in Europe, especially in Holland where a staggering 1.3 bikes are owned per person!

You can visit the new cycle pathway on a number of our Holland cycling holidays.¬†Alternatively, to find out more about our trips or tailor a holiday to ride somewhere different, give us a call on 0207 157 1519 or send an email to [email protected].