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Our Top Cycle Routes for Each Season

Written by Bethany McAtee on 3rd December, 2019

When planning a cycling holiday, where you travel isn’t the only thing you need to think about. Another important factor is the weather, meaning when you go makes all the difference. Take a read of our top cycle routes for each season to be in the know about which countries are best in what months. We’ve outlined countries you’ll have heard of before, as well as a couple areas outside of the box, and why you should cycle there. 

SUMMER – France

During summer in France vivid colours dominate the landscape, from blooming flowers to a variety of cycling jerseys. Days are warm and skies are blue, attracting cyclists all over the world to the mighty mountains and relaxing rivers. Temperatures are especially warm in July and August, rising to the high 20’s or even low 30’s. However, for those who want to take a stab at the iconic climbs of France, be prepared for cooler weather at the summits.

a cyclist travels along a traffic free path beside a river in a historic provence town, france

Loire Valley & Provence

Most keen road cyclists venture to France in the summer, as there is less rain (and snow) to hinder their ride. Yet just as popular as the likes of Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez is the Loire Valley and Provence as cycling destinations. Both are perfect for families, those who are new to cycling or road cyclists who want a less challenging holiday. The Loire Valley is home to the magnificent Chateau de Chambord, the famous chateaux that boasts stunning French Renaissance architecture. Cycle to the chateaux beside the tranquil Loire river, on paths free of traffic. Similarly, Provence is filled to the brim with French heritage and culture, along with stunning scenery. No wonder it deserves a spot in our top cycle routes for each season! Explore typical quaint French villages, antique markets and landscapes that inspired Van Gogh whilst cycling distances tailored to you. 

AUTUMN – Morocco 

Swap pristine tarmac roads and iconic climbs for something a little more offbeat. Morocco is a kingdom infused with vibrant culture, colourful ancient cities and magical scenery. During the autumn months from September to November, deep oranges and earthy greens pattern across the mountainous landscape. In contrast to the summer months, which featured hotter temperatures, autumn is pleasantly warm. Marrakesh feels less crowded and sticky, and the Atlas mountains peaks are covered with a dusting of snow.

cyclists on mountain bikes on a dusty road in morocco's atlas mountains

Atlas Mountains

Make your way to Marrakesh the long way, through the saw-toothed mountains and traditional Berber villages. Fes is Morocco’s cultural capital, and a great starting point for your cycling adventure. Make sure to get lost in the labyrinth of alleyways before hitting the saddle, you’ll find a feast for your curiosity! Once on the bike, head toward Midelt through the Ifrane National Park. Say hi to local Berbers as you travel past their homes, and give a wave to the endangered Barbary Macaque’s too! An epic chunk of road that you must take a spin on is the Dade’s Gorge hairpins. Snaking up (or down) the jet black bends is a thrilling experience, especially overlooking the sandy gorge cliffs surrounding you. Complete your cycling journey in the similarly awe-inspiring city of Marrakesh. Although, don’t leave Morocco before you explore the heavenly smelling spice markets, aesthetic gardens and beautiful mosques!

WINTER – New Zealand

Whilst Britons are freezing their fingers off throughout December to February, those in New Zealand are basking in glorious sunshine. We know where we’d rather be! Like the UK summers, New Zealand boasts long days, warm temperatures and is perfect for any outdoor activities. However, the climate isn’t too hot, making physical activities such as cycling much more comfortable. Furthermore, if we haven’t convinced you that New Zealand is better than the UK in winter, imagine a BBQ Christmas dinner…

a group of cyclists on mountain bikes cycling off road in the new zealand countryside

Otago Railtrail 

A highlight of cycling in New Zealand, is that you’ll almost always be pedalling off the beaten track. New Zealand is your perfect adventure playground, as a third of the country is made up of National Parks. You’ll have it all to yourself, from towering mountains and pristine lakes, to expansive valleys filled with picturesque fauna. A popular route is the Otago Central Rail Trail. The route travels 152km from Clyde to Middlemarch in the South Island. The railway track was converted into a safe trail for adventures after the Otago Central Railway went into disuse. En route, you’ll have the opportunity to venture into tunnels, gold diggings, historic buildings and more. 

SPRING – Mallorca

We couldn’t write a blog about Our Top Cycle Routes for Each Season without featuring Mallorca. Granted, Mallorca is a cycling haven in every season, yet spring is arguably the best time to click in those cleats. You’ll find sunshine, warm temperatures and plenty of other like minded cyclists tackling the iconic climbs. Being one of our most popular cycling destinations, we know Mallorca like the back of our hand. Spring sports fantastic cycling conditions across the whole island, and we have our perfected routes to guide you.

a winding switchback road in the trumantana mountains, mallorca

Sa Calobra 

The route to Sa Colabra is without a doubt, one of the best cycle routes in Europe. What goes down must go up is certainly the case with this climb. You first climb 685m to the top of Sa Colabra (no, you’re not finished yet!), then downhill to the coast. The actual Sa Colabra climb begins here, and takes you 9.5km at a hardy 7% average gradient back to the Sa Colabra peak. As the gateway to the Tramuntana Mountains, we recommend that you base yourself in Port Pollenca. After all, the famous Cap Formentor climb is only 20km away from here too.

Decided where and when you want to cycle? Contact our cycling specialists to book your tailor made cycling holiday today. We will provide you with our handcrafted GPX routes, with descriptions and tips. Or join one of our carefully planned guided rides to discover more about an area.