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Written by Lee B on 8th March, 2017
International Women’s Day
There is change in the air. Where once Richmond Park and Regents Park were the preserve of the male cyclist, my route home through London’s parks demonstrates that is no longer the case. Middle aged man in lycra (or MAMIL) move over, because MAWIL (middle aged woman in lycra) is here to stay. And so is YAWIL (young aged women in lycra) and OAWIL (other aged women in lycra). Ok, you get my drift, more and more women are cycling so I shall put down my awful acronym creator and get to the point.
When we set Love Velo up, one of our missions was to break down barriers to cycling. Stop with the awful acronyms (sorry for the above!), the nonsense cyclist lingo and the intimidation of gritty cycling photos. You know the ones – head down over the handlebars, sultry look on your face, sweat dripping from forehead against a monochrome background. Cycling, stop taking yourself so seriously. The beauty of cycling is that it is inclusive, it’s for all. And you know what, that includes the female gender who just weren’t participating in cycling in quite the same way as their male counterparts were 5 years ago. Slowly but surely though, women’s cycling is becoming more and more popular. The excellent Breeze Network plays a huge part in that and we passionately believe in their mission and goal. We are noticing more and more women booking cycling holidays with us, women’s cycling clubs springing up and do training camps with us, and groups of mates just looking to getaway for a different type of girls trip.
On International Women’s Day, we salute women cyclists everywhere. #ThisGirlCan