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World Health Day

6th April, 2021

World Health Day is upon us and this year it feels more pertinent than ever. The pandemic has fundamentally changed our behaviour and we are so excited to see that cycling is becoming more normalised. We believe this is behavioural shift rather than a Covid related cycling blip.  In 2018, MINTEL, one of the largest global research and insight companies reported that 7 of every 10 people they asked said they would consider cycling more often or start cycling if the roads were made safer. As Covid hit, major cities latched on to the great cycling boom of 2020 and added hundreds of kilometres of cycle lanes – Paris alone created 600km. The takeup in cycling was swift and sharp such that in September 2020, Strava Metro reported a 119% YoY growth in cycling in London.

We are already seeing this once in a lifetime boost in ridership as the growth opportunities in cycling travel & experiences has a direct correlation with the interest in cycling itself. Put simply, the ‘normalising’ of cycling is making it a more natural choice.

With World Health Day taking on new meaning this year, it’s more important than ever to commit to keeping healthy, both physically and mentally. Cycling offers both. The physical benefits of cycling are well known. Regular cycling reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthens your heart muscles and lowers your resting heart rate. It also offers time away from a screen of from constant interruption. Clear you mind, ride on your own or with friends, and enjoy a truly social distanced activity out in the fresh air.