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Trip Highlights
  • Discovering Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city and a holy place to Jews, Christians and Muslims
  • The magnificent Dead Sea taking us to -400m, the lowest point on earth
  • Visiting ancient sights and local communities
  • Conquer the Scorpions ascent, cycling through craters and the dramatic burnt red sand of the Wadi Rum


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Dead Sea Road Cycling Holiday

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What we love About Dead Sea Road Cycling Holiday

We love...Jordanian and Israeli Culture
Standing at the intersection of the three continents of the ancient world, Jordan and Israel have diverse customs and traditions. Your ride will explore ancient cities bursting with culture and you will experience traditions that have survived since the dawn of civilisation.
We love...Floating on the Dead Sea
No trip to Israel or Jordan would be complete without a float in the Dead Sea. At the lowest point on earth, you can float on the famous salty waters before showering off and covering yourself in the nutrient rich Dead Sea mud.
We love...Middle Eastern Cuisine
Middle eastern cuisine is some of the finest on the planet. From your Shakshuka in the morning (eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions) to mezze plates with copious amounts of hummus, tahini, babaganoush and falafel, you can enjoy some of the best food in the world.

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Day by Day

Day 1Arrival

Once you have arrived in Jerusalem, you will meet your guide at your hotel at 6 pm where you’ll be given a trip briefing before heading out for dinner together to mark the beginning of your adventure. If you arrive a day early you have an option to go on a cycling and walking tour of Jerusalem.

Day 2Jerusalem to Masada
Total distance117kmTotal climb830m

The first day of riding. You will depart Jerusalem through the quiet Sabbath streets and start your descent to the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea. Leaving the European climate of Jerusalem, you’ll quickly feel the temperature change as you enter the arid Judean Desert. You pass the Inn of the Good Samaritan and see the impressive Masada plateau in the distance. Just before you finish your ride for the day you will cycle below the hilltop fortress of Masada.

Day 3Masada to Hatseva
Total distance71kmTotal climb809m

Today begins with an early morning excursion up to the fort of Masada, returning via cable car for a late breakfast. You’ll then jump on your bike and ride south along the Dead Sea, below the hilltop fortress of Masada and on the Peace Trail on the Israeli-Jordanian border. Impressive desert agriculture is on show as you cycle past Dead Sea evaporation pools, the Dead Sea Works and reservoirs that irrigate the fields of the Arava Desert.

Day 4Hatseva to Yeruham
Total distance53kmTotal climb1100m

You will begin today with a relaxing 20-km warm-up before you begin climbing out of the Arava Desert and up the winding Scorpion’s Ascent. The Romans built the ascent in the late 1st century when they controlled the Middle East. The views from the summit are spectacular and you’ll notice the silence of the expansive desert. You’ll then continue to ride through the Makhtesh Gadol, a large crater and one of five makhteshim (a closed, steep rock valley) in Israel and one of only seven in the world. The night will be spent in the sleepy, relaxing town of Yeruham.

Day 5Yeruham to Mitzpe Ramon
Total distance56kmTotal climb718m

Today you’ll mainly be riding through the Negev Desert. Cycling on the edge of the Makhtesh Ramon – the world’s largest crater at 40 km long, 2-10 km wide and 500m deep – will be a truly unique experience. The desert road takes you to your overnight destination in Mitzpe Ramon. Take a wander through the Spice Route Quarter, the old industrial zone of Mitzpe Ramon, now a hive of cute boutiques, bakeries, restaurants, and even a jazz club.

Day 6Mitzpe Ramon to Kibbutz Ketora
Total distance100kmTotal climb902m

Cycling through the Makhtesh Ramon, note the diversity of rocks, their fantastic red and yellow colours and their many different naturally formed shapes. Today you will mainly be descending as you ride out of the Negev Desert and back down to the Arava Valley. You’ll spend the night at the green oasis of Kibbutz Ketora, established in 1973. This ideological community is based on collective living and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Day 7Kibbutz Ketora to Aqaba
Total distance76kmTotal climb833m

You will begin the day with a short transfer to the start of today’s ride. You begin with a very gradual ascent and then lose 800 m over 30 km as you reach the border town of Eilat. Here you’ll cross into Jordan. before cycling to Aqaba’s city centre and your hotel for the night.

Day 8Aqaba Free Day

Enjoy the day exploring the Red Sea shore and town. You can head off on a boat tour and spend your free day snorkelling or, alternatively, relax in Aqaba and explore the lively but small town on your day off from cycling.

Day 9Aqaba to Wadi Rum
Total distance47kmTotal climb358m

You’ll begin day 9 with a transfer out of Aqaba to avoid the busy roads before starting your cycling at the entrance of Wadi Rum Desert, also known as the Valley of the Moon. Cut into sandstone and granite rock, it’s Jordan’s largest valley. Shots of Wadi Rum in “Lawrence of Arabia” kick-started Jordan’s tourism industry, but you may also recognise it from “Red Planet” and “The Martian”. You’ll follow a quiet road and arrive in time for lunch at the Bedouin camp where you’ll spend the night. A jeep will transfer you to your evenigs accomodation where you can enjoy a night of Bedouin hospitality.

Day 10Wadi Rim to Petra
Total distance100kmTotal climb1393m

Today you have the option to ride back on the same route to the Desert Highway and ascend to Ras Al-Naqab, or spend more time relaxing at camp and get a transfer to take you to Ras Al-Naqab instead. From Ras Al-Naqab, it is downhill to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra. On top of the plateau, the route turns off the main road onto quieter roads to Rajif and finishes in the town of Wadi Musa, home to the famous archaeological site of Petra.

Day 11Petra

You’ll spend today off the bike, exploring by foot the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra. You will be guided through the ancient city, one of the iconic Eight Wonders of the World. You’ll then be taken to a great spot where you can relax and have lunch. In the afternoon, you have several hours to explore on your own. You might choose to ascend the Monastery and beyond and observe the superb views across the Jordan Valley or, alternatively, take the back route to the High Place of Sacrifice or ascend Jebel Khubtha and view the Treasury from above.

Day 12Petra to the Dead Sea
Total distance104kmTotal climb1700m

In your penultimate day of riding, you’ll ride out of Petra and climb up to Shobak, the first Crusader Castle built in Jordan. Take a minute to catch your breath after the epic climb and explore this impressive fort. An undulating road circling the Dana Biosphere Reserve prepares you for your exciting descent to below sea level. From a high of 1,200 m you’ll descend to -300 m! From here, you transfer by bus along the Dead Sea Highway to the hotel. This afternoon, make sure you head down to the sea’s edge for a unique float in the famous salty waters.

Day 13Dead Sea to Jericho
Total distance28kmTotal climb190m

A short 28-km ride on a flat road will take you to the Allenby Border Crossing. Once through all the formalities, you’ll be back on your bike to Jericho for lunch. Considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities, Jericho is of great archaeological importance. You’ll then transfer to Jerusalem after lunch and meet up in the evening with the rest of the group to celebrate the end of your ride.

Day 14Departure

Today you’ll have breakfast before saying goodbye to the group and heading home.

Key Stats

14day holiday
Or tailor your trip
75km avg
Expect to ride about 75km per day

How's the Weather? in Israel & Jordan

The SummerApril to October
April is warm and as the season moves through the months, it becomes very hot and virtually rain-free. Hot desert winds make for a dry heat and it's too hot to ridel
The WinterNovember to March
Winter in Israel gives respite from its hot summers. Cool winds blow and the climate is quite temperate, perfect for cycling.

Area InformationFor Israel & Jordan

Few places in the world can offer what Israel & Jordan can. Cycling through the hills and valleys offer breathtaking views, the Dead Sea provides a quiet sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem and Petra, and the deep reds and oranges of Masada and the Makhtesh Ramon canyon provide a perfect cycling backdrop.

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