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Cycling Trip Highlights
  • The Ho Chi Minh Highway – A cyclists paradise with traffic free, effortless roads
  • Incredible routes through Vietnam’s diverse landscape
  • Immersing yourself in the rich cultural history of Vietnam
  • The impressive Phong Nha Cave
10 nights from£1745.00
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Guided Road Biking the Ho Chi Minh Highway

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What we love About Guided Road Biking the Ho Chi Minh Highway

We love...The Famous Ho Chi Minh Highway
The Ho Chi Minh Highway, where you will be riding for the majority of your trip, is perfect for cyclists. The wide roads, which were built during the Vietnam War, are laid with tarmac and provide cyclists with impeccable riding conditions.
We love...Incredible Scenic Views
Your ride will take you through some of the most beautiful sites in Vietnam. Over the 11 days you will explore vibrant rice paddies, cycle parallel to meandering rivers, take in the distinguished mountain ranges and frequently visit picturesque, traditional villages.
We love...Vietnamese Culture
Vietnam is steeped in cultural history. You will discover more about the country's past by exploring the network of caves, tunnels and getting to know the friendly locals throughout your travels.

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Day by Day

Day 1Arrival

You will meet your fellow cyclists and tour guide in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital where you can bond over tonight’s welcome dinner.

Day 2Hanoi to Phu Luong
Total distance70kmTotal climb1300m

Swap the buzzing and atmospheric streets of Hanoi to quiet country lanes. You’ll get a true feel for Vietnamese life cycling though vibrant rice paddies and small villages. Spend the night in a house on stilts in Mai Chau Valley.

Day 3Mai Chau to Ngoc Lac
Total distance120kmTotal climb1230m

Today’s ride takes you though the sensational valley of the Song Ma River. A historic route, it was used during the war to transport weapons. You’ll catch a glimpse of mountains as the road links to the main area of the Ho Chi Minh Highway. The closer you get to Ngoc Lac, the better the views get.

Day 4Ngoc Lac to Thai Hoa
Total distance100kmTotal climb875m

Today’s cycling will take place on the newly built part of the Ho Chi Minh highway. The wide lanes and smooth tarmac make it ideal for a faster pace, but don’t forget to take in the luscious scenery. Look out for the coffee, rubber and tea plantations.

Day 5Thai Hoa - Pho Chau
Total distance130kmTotal climb735m

It’s another cycle along the Ho Chi Minh Highway today. The diverse scenery may make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy-tale land, with mystifying jungle leading into stunning villages surrounded by the majestic Truong Son mountain range.

Day 6Pho Chau - Phong Nha
Total distance150kmTotal climb1650m

Cycle the highway to Phong Nha National Park and see some of the most mesmerising caves Vietnam has to offer. The 65km’s of caves still shows evidence of the damage from the war, when it was bombed. This stunning area has rivers that flow through them that are dated to 250 million years ago.

Day 6Phong Nha - Dong Hoi
Total distance50kmTotal climb260m

Today you’ll hop on a boat to explore Phong Nha Cave. As you paddle through the enchanted cave, you will become immersed in the alternate world. Those who wish can climb the 330 steps up to Tien Son Cave, a dry cave bombed during the war whilst it was used as a hospital. This afternoon’s cycle will lead you to Dong Hoi where you can relax on the stunning white sand beach.

Day 8Dong Hoi - Khe Sanh
Total distance129kmTotal climb795m

The Vietnam War was a dark time in history and the effects still lie engraved in everyday life. It was the war which created the need for the Ho Chi Minh Highway and today you’ll see the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) otherwise known as ‘The 17th Parallel’ en route to Ca Lo. The DMZ served as the border diving North and South Vietnam.

Day 9Khe Sanh - A Luoi
Total distance103kmTotal climb1525m

After a trip to the Khe Sanh combat base formally used to transport troops and supplies, it will be time to cycle though more stunning scenery, in the direction of Laos. Make the most of the traffic free road and contrasting views.

Day 10A Luoi - Hue
Total distance70kmTotal climb835m

For the last day’s riding you’ll cycle along Hue, Vietnam’s Imperial City and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll cycle along quiet lanes back to the hotel to enjoy a final dinner.

Day 11Departure

Today it’s time to say goodbye after an incredible 10 days.

Key Stats

11day holiday
Or tailor your trip
100km avg
Expect to ride an average of 100km per day
1025m avg
Expect to climb an average of 1025m per day

How's the Weather? in Ho Chi Minh Highway

The Cool SeasonFebruary to April
If you’re looking for some slightly cooler weather, February to April is a great time to ride as temperatures range between between 20°C and 24°C. Rainfall is common but often comes in light drizzle at some point rather than the torrential downpours characterised by the summer
The Hot & Rainy SeasonMay to August
Vietnam’s topography gives it a varied climate. South of Hanoi, heading towards central Vietnam, where this ride takes place, generally has its rainy season between May and November. Rains tends to come in short bursts but there is usually brilliant sunshine in between. It can also be incredibly hot at this time, especially in May and August.
The Dry SeasonSeptember to January
The best cycling weather is between September and January where temperatures ease off into the mid 20s, and rains are less frequent. This make cycling in central Vietnam an absolute pleasure.

What to ExpectFrom Ho Chi Minh Highway

Exploring the length of Vietnam gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in different and varying regions. From century old Hanoi, you will visit Hue, Vietnam’s old capital city, the ancient town of Hoi An and roads and passes that will take your breath away. From the battle scarred landscapes of central Vietnam to the glistening beaches of the south, this is a trip that showcases all Vietnam has to offer.

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