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Written by Belinda Kletz on 9th October, 2017

We are mildly obsessed with scrolling through Instagram and the daily commute has given at least one of us in the office RSI in our thumbs! We love it because it provides daily inspiration so to get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together our top five Instagram accounts you should follow….

Jered Gruber – @jeredgruber


From mountains to marshland and sunsets to spiralling roads, Jared and wife Ashley create – @jaredgruber an account with over 85,000 followers. Combining travel photos with shots of the most renowned races, a brave and varied account which a follow will certainly add some colour to your feed!

Garrett Chow – @garrett_chow


Garrett started his Instagram account in 2011 and has since racked up an impressive 23,000 followers. Expect plenty of rural landscapes, woodland and kit photos along with the odd dose of  ‘stop off activity’ photos such as rock pools, lakes and café stops.

Rapha – @rapha


OK so we all know and have an opinion on them. What we love about their Insta account though is the ‘Rapha Rides’ videos of Sydney, Amsterdam and other cycling destinations. Makes us yearn to be on the bike!

Marky Math – @markymath


A Canadian based mountain biker Mark Matthews AKA @markymath has created an account which is filled with simplistic campfires and tents to show stopping lakes, Indonesian pagodas and the incredible Machu Picchu! Additionally, there are a fair few photos of tracks and some impressive shots of him mid air.



Brace yourself for some serious travel envy with our final account! Photos range from the salts flats in Bolivia to dessert in the middle east and rural Australia. Unique from the others, the account is more like a community, as it re-posts photos from other accounts who have used the tag #bikewander. This allows the photos to be varied and best of all, exposes you to other cycling accounts.

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