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Why Book Now

How and Why to Book Now

It now has been a full year since the coronavirus pandemic began and it has been a tremendously tough year for the whole country. However, with the vaccination programme under way, a belief that Spring travel will go ahead unhindered and a bursting demand for holidays, there are now real tangible signs of light at the end of a very long tunnel for our cyclists across the UK.

These are the reasons that you can travel with confidence’ in 2021. Call us on 020 7157 1519 to book your 2021 cycling holiday.

Will I pay more if I delay?

Probably the later you book. On the basis of the small amount of inventory we have sold so far, we are seeing prices already one third higher than in 2019 – our last “normal” trading year.

Why book now with Love Velo?

• Get best pricing and offers locked in – prices will almost certainly go up from March 2021
• Get the best bikes now as availability is hugely limited from 2020 bookings moved to 2021.
• Our expert advice to match these times including insurance, procedures including ‘fit to fly’ certs and PCR tests
• Exceptional local knowledge for unforgettable experiences
• Meticulously crafted trips by real cyclists
• 24-7 UK support
• Award-winning service and protection

Any cycling holidays on offer?

There are some amazing deals for late Spring early summer in some key destinations where we have been able to hold some 2019 prices.  With the PMs statement that tens of millions of vaccinations will have been administered by Easter, we are confident cyclists will be able to travel by then if they are covered by our Flexible Guarantee. Those who can travel in March or April have the opportunity for us to craft some excellent deals for them.

Can I be sure the trip will go ahead?

You can never be 100% but that is always the case with any travel booking. What you can be sure of is that the vaccination programme is being rolled out with tens of millions vaccinated by the Spring – we anticipate full operations internationally by Easter at the latest.

If for any reason travel cannot go ahead, you will be covered under our Flexible Guarantee.

What if the coronavirus crisis gets worse, not better, and I decide not to travel?

Our fully flexible booking policies are here to assist, but these are time limited and will not necessarily apply to all trips for 2021 and some of our experiences are non refundable.