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Cycling Adventure Holidays for Singles

Written by Bethany McAtee on 22nd August, 2019

Want to enjoy a cycling experience, but can’t find the numbers to go with you? We know adventuring alone in a new country can be a bit daunting. However, the rise in adventure holidays for singles mean more and more cycling trips are being tailored to lone travellers. Many of our cycling holidays across the globe allow you to join a welcoming group of like minded cyclists and guides. Below, we’ve picked out our favourite destinations and why they’re great holidays for singles.

Sri Lanka – Get out of your comfort zone.

A drop in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is jam packed with fascinating people, landmarks and landscapes. If you’re looking to open your mind to a new culture, Sri Lanka will gladly immerse you, arms wide. There are plenty of opportunities for observing wild animals, stepping into religious temples and taking pictures of scenic plantations. Pedal out of your comfort zone with full knowledge your group and guides will be there for support.sri lanka landscapeNew Zealand – Meet new people.

Cycling through the serene Mackenzie Basin, hugged by snow capped mountains, is a special experience to share with anyone. Vast sparkling lakes and picturesque valleys encourage you to get lost in nature. The tranquility also brings about relaxation, which allows the time for conversations with your group. You’ll make friends for life here, on a shared journey through some of Earth’s most spectacular landscapes. cycling in new zealandMallorca – Challenge yourself.

Mallorca is a road cyclists paradise, home to pristine roads and legendary climbs such as Sa Calobra. With 300 days of sunshine, picturesque coastal scenery and lots of experience hosting cyclists of all abilities, you won’t be let down. Unless you ride the flatland routes through central Mallorca, be prepared to challenge yourself. You have the option to join guided rides or go at it alone with our ready-made, detailed GPX routes.  cycling in mallorcaSplit to Dubrovnik – Independent discovery. 

Just around the corner from the UK, in the Balkans, lies a historic gem lined with clear blue coastline. Croatia is more than a party destination. Within Dubrovnik’s city walls a turbulent past is etched into the buildings architecture and illustrated in museums. Split shares its own history, with remnants of Diocletian’s Palace, built in AD305. Between the cities, ride into Croatia’s beautiful countryside and traditional villages. Because this cycling holiday is self-guided, you will have the opportunity to travel on your own adventure, and discover a new land for yourself.cycling in croatiaMyanmar – Escape modern life.

Tourism has only been encouraged in Myanmar since 1992, and it was just in 2013 that a tourism plan was established. With exquisite temples, postcard perfect coasts and luscious landscapes it can be surprising to witness the lack of tourists. Many tourists speak of travelling back in history when visiting Myanmar, because the lifestyle hasn’t changed much in over 50 years. Escape your daily modern life with your local guide by embracing a fast developing country that boasts a truly unique culture. myanmar sceneryTips for Your Solo Cycling Adventure

Regardless of whether you are cycling in a group or using self-guided routes, it is important to stick to the route. It’s easy to get lost when you aren’t familiar with a location, and when you are by yourself that’s the last thing you want. Stay with your group or on the route and it’ll be easier to resolve issues such as bike repair or an accident. 

If you are doing self-guided cycling (or even with a guide) it’s important you know how to do basic bike maintenance. Understanding how to fix a puncture is crucial if you want to avoid being stranded or walking a long way home. In saying that, remember your puncture kit!

Things to take with you include your ID and reflective clothing. Very useful in an emergency, in tunnels or when the light fades. 

Do make sure to tell someone where you’re going. Whether this be when you jet off to another country by yourself to do self-guided routes, or when you need to stray from your guide for a few minutes, it’s always helpful for others to know your location. 

Tempted to cycle solo? Contact our team of cycle specialists today, who have lots of experience with holidays for singles and will help you organise your adventure of a lifetime.