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Exploring Sardinia by Bike – Cycling Routes and Trails

22nd December, 2022

Exploring Sardinia by bike is the perfect way to explore the stunning natural beauty and cultural heritage of this Italian Island. With diverse terrain, spectacular views, and plenty of quiet trails and roads, cycling in Sardinia is an exciting adventure waiting to be discovered. Read on to discover Sardinia’s best cycling routes, helpful tips for a smooth ride, or check out some other favourite Italian cycling holidays of ours.

Uncover the Best of Sardinia By Bike

Whatever your cycling experience level, explore the picturesque routes of Sardinia by bike. Discover hidden trails that uncover the culture, beauty and history to be found in this Mediterranean paradise. From historic sites to panoramic views, get ready for a cycling adventure like no other.
The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is blessed with stunning sandy beaches, rugged coastline, towering cliffs and ancient ruins. Its remote location ensures that there is no shortage of challenging cycling routes for dedicated cyclists. On two wheels, you’ll experience a journey like no other, one that takes you off the beaten path to explore the island from a different perspective. From villages seemingly lost in time to winding roads lined with olive groves and vineyards, immerse yourself in the region’s unique culture while discovering some of its most spectacular secrets – all on two wheels.
View of the sea from the Sardinian Coast

View of the sea from the Sardinian Coast

Best of all, the flat terrain of the southern coast makes it perfect for leisurely rides, while experienced cyclists are sure to relish in the challenge of scaling the island’s steep hills. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or simply looking for a leisurely ride through picturesque villages, Sardinia has something for everyone. Famous for its world-class mountain biking trails and captivating road cycling routes, Sardinia is ideal for riders hoping to experience an unforgettable adventure and uncover this unique destination in its entirety.
If you’re considering a cycling holiday in the Mediterranean, then exploring Sardinia by bike  should be your first choice – and for more than just its stunning landscapes. With temperatures that remain relatively low even during the summer months, mild winds coming from Northern Africa to provide natural air conditioning, and over 1,800km of roads waiting to be explored by bicycle, there’s no wonder why this incredibly diverse region has become an uphill haven for cyclists from around the world. From coastal roads offering breathtaking views of endless aquamarine seas to path less travelled which traverse though traditional villages nestled against wild unspoilt nature, a cycling holiday in Sardinia promises an unforgettable experience.

Where to Ride in Sardinia?

Exploring Sardinia by bike has to start by the coastline. From east to west, cycling along the Sardinian coast will allow you to discover some of its most beautiful beaches and rocky coves. Enjoy a leisurely ride from Cagliari to Chia and visit the town of Cala Gonone for spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Cycle towards Villasimius or further up north for amazing panoramas of the countryside.
Sardinia’s mountain roads and trails are ideal for those who prefer an off-road adventure. Visit nearby Nuraghe and Gennargentu National Parks to bike through a landscape of majestic granite boulders, rolling hills, and steep cliffs. The ups and downs of the terrain open up to sensational views of the Mediterranean sea. Don’t miss the gruelling climb up Monte Limbara! With plenty of mountain passes, hairpin turns, and challenging ascents, Sardinia is sure to please any adventurous cyclist looking for a thrilling ride.
For road cyclists, Sardinia has plenty to offer. The island’s low-traffic roads pass through beautiful coastal towns and rustic villages with sweeping sea views. From the capital Cagliari, head north for nearly 60km of flat terrain before you arrive at the port city of Olbia. There even long stretches of abandoned roads that run alongside extremely rare and untouched vegetation. Whatever kind of ride you’re looking for, Sardinia promises an adventure that leaves nothing short of unforgettable memories!

Things to See and Do Along the Way

From olive groves and vineyards to old villages and Roman ruins, Sardinia’s landscape is diverse and full of surprises. Take your time to explore the region’s history and culture as you cycle through its magnificent trails and paths. There are plenty of places to visit along your route and activities for the whole family to enjoy, from sunbathing on the beach to visiting ancient ruins.

History & Culture

For those looking for history and culture along their cycling route, visit the Nuraghe Su Mulinu, an archaeological site featuring a large, round building from the Bronze Age. You can also explore the remains of Roman baths at Sant’Antioco or the ruins of Tharros, an old Phoenician-Roman port city. If you’re looking for fun activities, head to one of Sardinia’s many beaches or try snorkelling in a marine park like Porto Rafael. Cycling is a great way to immerse yourself in Sardinia’s fascinating blend of history and culture while taking in its natural beauty.
Sardinian Roman Ruins (1)

The Roman ruins at Nora

The Best Cuisine

As you cycle your way around the island, be sure to treat yourself to some of Sardinia’s delicious cuisine. Stop for a bite at one of the many picturesque local restaurants and sample traditional specialties like Ispora Satada (breaded pork cutlets), Fregola (a pasta dish made with saffron), or Zuppa Gallurese (a soup made with cheese and bread). No matter what route you choose, cycling in Sardinia is sure to be an unforgettable experience.
Combine a leisurely ride through the Mediterranean scenery with local culinary delights. Make stops to examine the archaeological sites, or for some retail therapy. Visit Gennargentu National Park and take in the awe inspiring mountain views. If you’re daring, take a dip in one of the many crystalline coves along the coast. And don’t forget to sample some of Sardinia’s delicious seafood offerings like mullus (red mullet) trout, and more!

The Views

No matter what type of cycling route you choose in Sardinia, plan to make several stops along the way. You can find everything from chic boutiques, fast-food joints and shops selling local artisan crafts. Head to the Cala Gonone area near Nuoro to experience idyllic Mediterranean views while sampling some of the best seafood offerings on the island. If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, take your route even higher up into Gennargentu National Park’s rugged terrain. Here, you’ll find amazing mountain vistas with crystal blue water lining the coast far below. Be sure to bring your camera and don’t forget to stock up on energy snacks before embarking on your journey.
The Beaches of Sardinia (1)

The famous coves and beaches in Sardinia

What to Expect From Cycling in Sardinia

Exploring Sardinia by bike can be a truly remarkable experience. You’ll get to ride around some of the world’s most stunning scenery and discover hidden gems along the way. The trails range from easy and comfortable to more difficult, with several routes going across some really challenging mountain paths. whether you’re looking for an effortless ride or an adrenaline-packed adventure, there’s something for everyone here in Sardinia.
Cycling in Sardinia is ideal for those seeking a getaway full of adventure and exploration. You should be aware that the mountain paths require some stamina as they range from steep climbs to high ridges, but the scenery will more than make up for it. If you choose routes that stay along the coastal region and keep away from some of the more mountainous areas, you’ll have far more comfortable terrain with gentle slopes perfect for a leisurely day ride. Whatever your cycling ambitions may be, Sardinia will have something to offer you.

Coastal Routes

Along the coastal routes, cyclists can expect to experience breathtaking cliffside views, isolated beaches, and picturesque cycling paths lined with centuries-old olive groves. The limestone mountains of Gallura and Barbagia offer plenty of steep climbs and rolling hills for those looking for more challenge. Throughout your journey you will also likely encounter some local sheepherders on horseback, ancient chapels nestled within the forest trails, and even small cafes where you can stop for an espresso or tasty snack. As you cycle along idyllic backroads through quaint villages and historical sites, be sure to have a camera handy to capture all the beauty.
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