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How To Pack For A Cycling Holiday

Written by Jonathan B on 13th July, 2018

You’re almost there. The Love Velo cycling holiday is booked and you’ve started counting down the days until you’re off. There is, however, one more hurdle in the way and it’s one we usually all leave until the last minute. If this sounds familiar then hopefully the following will help. Here’s some items you won’t want to forget when packing for your next cycling holiday.


Padded shorts: If you’re planning to spend long days on the bike, padded shorts will make a huge difference to your comfort.

Durable t-shirts/jersey’s: You want tops that are comfortable and lightweight (something like the new Love Velo jersey would be perfect). Having a spare in your backpack is also a good idea.Cyclists of Love Velo climbing Gloves: Your hands can become sore after long days on the road. Gloves will combat this and protect you from the wind and sun at the same time.

Buff: A buff is a great item to bring as it can provide multiple benefits when cycling. Its small size and flexibility makes is a must have.

Water: One of the most important items. Bring your own water bottle (or two) and refill it at every opportunity.Love Velo drinking bottles Backpack: Again, depending on the amount of time you’re planning to spend on the bike, you may choose to carry a bag. Something lightweight and comfortable is perfect.

Essential Bike Repair Equipment: When travelling with Love Velo, your bike will come equipped with essential tools for you to repair a puncture, replace an inner tube or fix a slipped chain.

All-weather items. These are worth packing regardless of the weather:
Waterproof clothing
Sun cream

Safety first – Don’t forget these essential items to ensure you stay safe and comfortable on the roads:
Helmet and first aid kit (if you’re hiring a bike, these may be supplied for you but make sure to check this before setting off)
Chamois cream (this helps to reduce friction and will come in handy if you’re planning to spend long days on the road)
Mobile Phone
Gels, energy bars and snacks


Body warmers: Extra layers for your arms and legs will come in useful, especially if you’re starting in the early hours of the day.

Bike shoes: Depending on the distance you are riding, clip in cycling shoes could make a huge difference. Make sure to practice with these before going on holdiay as they do take some getting used to.

High-vis clothing: As the light begins to fade, hi-vis wear will help you to stand out and give you more confidence on the road.

Camera: You’re guaranteed to stop at some incredible spots on your ride (especially if you’ve booked a trip with Love Velo)! Pack the camera and ensure you never forget them.

Maps/gps: Love Velo offer routes in all our destinations in GPX format which allows you to download these to most GPS enabled devices and, with certain software, to your smartphone. These will be the best routes in the area so you can head out and fully enjoy the ride.


A book: After a long day of cycling, you might just want to sit back and relax. A book is a great way to unwind. If you’re looking for some great cycling reading then Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Richard Crane) and One Man and his Bike (Mike Carter) are both great books!Cycling books Swimwear: You never know when there might be an opportunity to cool down and jump in the water. A towel and some swimwear shouldn’t fill up too much space. You might have to leave the snorkel at home though!

Saddle covers: Depending on what you find comfortable, a saddle cover might make your ride more enjoyable.

All set. You’re packed and ready to go! If you have any questions about your upcoming holiday, our cycling experience team are always happy to help. Just give us a call on 0207 157 1519 or email [email protected]