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How well do you know the Highway Code?

Written by Clay Morrison on 21st February, 2019

As enthusiastic advocates for cycling to work and getting on the bike at every opportunity, we think it’s vital that everyone knows how to stay safe on the roads. Find out more about the importance of the Highway Code from The Bike Storage Company’s Clay Morrison. Following this, take the quiz, test your knowledge and let us know how you get on! 

Guideline for road users

You’ve probably heard of the Highway Code. It’s a set of guidelines for all road users and gives you the information you need to deal with difficult road conditions, be mindful of other traffic, and complete your journey safely.

However, it’s easy to forget good habits once you get used to your preferred mode of transport. With more people – including cyclists – using the roads than ever before, it’s crucial that we take some time to refresh our memories on a regular basis.Guideline for road users Although cycling is healthy, environmentally friendly, and much cheaper than travelling by car, many people are reluctant to make it a habit due to safety concerns. By following the laws and advice in the Highway Code, you can help to make the roads easier for everyone to navigate. You may even be inspired to take up cycling yourself (if you haven’t already!).

The Bike Storage Company have put together a Highway Code quiz to help you test your knowledge and see how well you really know the rules of the road. Some of the answers may surprise you – let us know what score you get!

This information will undoubtedly help you when cycling in new countries. Be observant, cautious and respectful of others and you’ll find cycling in another country is a seamless transition.