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Our Top 5 Spring Cycling Holidays

Written by Jonathan B on 16th April, 2019

If you’re anything like the Love Velo team, you’ll be out on the bike over the Easter weekend. From the peaceful Lake District to the mountains of Mallorca, we’ll be cycling all over Europe and, hopefully, you are too.

If you’ve not booked a holiday for this Spring, it’s not too late to start planning an unforgettable, last minute cycling adventure. We’ve spoken to the rest of the Love Velo team to find out their favourite Spring cycling holidays in Europe. Get in contact today to start planning yours.

Holland – Riding Through the Tulip Fields

Spring is the perfect time to visit Holland. The countryside is taken over by vibrant colours, all combining to create a spectacle unique to The Lowlands. Cycling is the best way to explore the country as nothing gets you closer to nature than riding through country lanes and dedicated cycle paths. Harry described his holiday in Holland as the ‘perfect escape’:

“We set off each morning knowing exactly what was ahead. The weather couldn’t have been better and covering about 30 miles each day meant we had plenty of time to explore the towns we rode through. I’d definitely recommend it to people going on their first cycling holiday”.Dutch Windmill surrounding by colourful tulips

Mallorca – Road Cycling in the Tramuntana Mountains

Mallorca is the home of cycling. This undisputed reputation is the result of a combination of ideal weather, smooth traffic-free roads, unique climbing opportunities and famous rides.

Our favourite place to stay is in the north of the island. Here, you have direct access to the Tramuntana Mountains along the west coast as well as routes towards the flatlands in the east. Cycling in Mallorca is therefore perfect for all abilities.

Luke, Love Velo Travel Specialist in our recent blog post: “The 9km ascent back to Sa Calobra turned out to offer more incredible views of the Tramuntana mountains and the descent back down to Soller was unbelievable. It was a pleasure to ride amongst so many other cyclists, all sharing an admiration for the brilliance of Sa Calobra.”View of Sa Calobra in Mallorca

Italy – Tour of the Stunning Lake Garda

Arguably the most stunning Italian lake, Garda is the most picturesque, mesmerising cycling holiday destination. The unforgettable views and pristine lakeside roads are only matched by the wealth of delicious wines and locally made cuisines on offer.

Lee Bibring, Love Velo’s Managing Director, recommends Riva del Garda, the northernmost point of the Lake, as the best place to stay. “Hotels overlook the water and the roads surrounding the town are perfect for spending glorious days on the bike”.

Views from the town of Riva Del Garda in Italy

France – The Mont Ventoux Experience

“The sense of achievement from everyone at the summit was palpable with people hugging and shaking hands with people they had never met.” Kevin’s experience of Mont Ventoux was similar to the experience of all cyclists who have conquered the French giant. The famous winds were a heavy feature on his ride but the memories made that day will last with him forever.

“A ride down to Chalet Reynard, a hot chocolate, another hot chocolate, and then an absolutely awesome descent back to Bedoin spent with a smug grin on my face.” Not a bad day out.The view from the top of Mont Ventoux in France

Italy – The peaceful Tuscan Countryside

We make a return to Italy in a region of the country where time stands still. Culture combines with nature to form the perfect cycling holiday destination. From the UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Gimignano to the hidden gelato shops and the rich Italian lifestyle that follows you wherever you ride.

“The undulating roads and picturesque countryside made cycling here a joy. I never wanted to get off the bike but it was worth stopping for the food!” – Macauley, Love Velo Travel SpecialistRoad cyclists in the Tuscan countryside

It’s never too late to start planning your next cycling holiday. At Love Velo we’d love to hear from you and set you on your way, whether you’re off to Mallorca, Ventoux, Lake Garda or beyond.