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Top 5 Tips for Family Cycling Holidays

Written by Jonathan B on 5th December, 2018

The family cycling holiday is a rapidly growing phenomenon. All over Europe, and even further afield, dedicated cycle lanes are being introduced and the word is spreading that cycling is the hottest way to travel.

With years of experience facilitating and setting off on our own family cycling adventures, we’ve listed below our top 5 tips for families planning a trip away. How much riding is too much? Should you stay in one hotel or a different place each night? And how should you pack for a day on the bike?

Choosing the correct bike. You’d rather be safe than sorry

Gone are the days when there was only one bike option. Now, everywhere you travel you’ll have a number of choices to make, ensuring you and your family are comfortable and well equipped for your holiday. Trailgators are a great option for children who are too old for a trailer but not quite comfortable riding long distances on their own.Cyclists ride along the wine yards

Cycle in the morning. Relax in the afternoon

We’ve found that the most successful days on the bike involve heading out in the morning and relaxing in the afternoon, whether that’s lounging by the pool or exploring the local town. This way, you avoid the midday heat and lunch can be used as a way to break up the day before the remaining few miles in the afternoon.

Family at the beach

Make sure you pack snacks

As you never know when the next meal will come, there’s no harm in packing snacks or some leftover breakfast for when the children (or adults!) need a boost. Additionally, make sure you have cagouls and the appropriate clothing for all weather eventualities.

Family ride in the woods

Planning a route that you’re all happy with

We will provide you with the best routes and advice to follow on your holiday. We recommend sticking to this plan and, prior to each day, know where you’ll be riding and where you want to visit. There’s nothing worse than getting lost or finding yourself on a busy/impassable road.

Family on a cycling trip

Point to point trips are the way forward

The best way to explore a new country and ensure each day is completely different from the last is to ride from point to point between hotels. This way, you’ll visit a number of different places whilst the views each day will be new and exciting. The Loire Valley is a particularly popular place to do this. With unique Chateau’s, parks, landmarks and museums, there’s something for everyone. Ensure you take regular breaks, ride at a steady pace and your days on the bike will be unforgettable.View of the Loire Valley If you’re planning your first family cycling holiday, get in contact with our cycling experience team who will answer any questions you might have. We want to make sure your holiday runs as smoothly as possible. Email [email protected] or click here to enquire about one of our trips.