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Love Velo FAQ

Who can enjoy a Love Velo self-guided holiday?

Anyone who enjoys riding, is relatively healthy and happy to explore our self guided routes.

Who can enjoy a Love Velo guided holiday?

You need to be able to ride the distances advertised across consecutive days. If you’re on a hybrid or e-biking holiday, the distances and elevations are much shorter than a road cycling holiday. We recommend that you read the day by day itinerary to check whether the distances and elevations are appropriate for you.

What bikes do you provide?

This entirely depends on the tour you book. On our road cycling holidays, the standard bike will be a full carbon road bike with either a 105 or Ultegra groupset, depending on what the manufacturers have delivered for the year. We are able to organise DI2s, disc brakes and upgraded bikes. For touring trips, the bike provided will be a hybrid touring bicycle, with flat handlebars, a saddle designed for comfort rather than speed, mudguards and a pannier rack. We also offer electric bicycles on many of our tours which are available at a small supplement for both road and hybrid e-bikes.

What do the bikes come with?

Most bikes come with a mini pump, spare tube and tyre levers. However, this is dependant on destination so please check before you travel, and we always recommend bringing your own mini pump just in case.

How will I navigate the routes?

We will provide you with digital routes, all of which are held as part of an ‘Experience’ online. You will be able to navigate these from your phone or download to a GPS enable device such as a Garmin or Wahoo. The ‘Experience’ provides all your routes, named by location, distance and elevation, as well as a guide for each route. The guide will give you a description of each daily route, as well as giving you our top tips for the day such as the best cafe stops, places to see or towns to visit. You will be able to access your Experience before travel to view the routes and check out where you’re going, to make the most of your time on holiday.

Do I have to wear a helmet whilst cycling?

We strongly encourage all of our guests to wear a helmet. Laws regarding helmets can vary from country to country, so it is also advisable to check this in advance.

Do Love Velo provide helmets?

We don’t provide these from a hygiene and safety perspective. We recommend that helmets are ridden on all our holidays and we suggest you clip your helmet to your hand luggage so that you can keep it safe and secure whilst you travel.

Will a Love Velo representative meet me on my holiday?

This depends on what you have booked, All group guided trips and events are staffed and you will be provided information on your meeting point and who to meet. If you have booked a self guided holiday, you will not be met by a representative. All the information on how to meet your transfer, where to pick up your bike, and any other pertinent information will be on your final booking confirmation.

Can you fit hire bikes to suit me?

We will size your bike according to your height. We do this because frame sizes differ between manufacturers. We are also able to take 3 specific measurements called your ABCs so that when you arrive on your holiday, your bike will be set up in advance with only a small amount of adjustment, if any, required. Please note that we do not setup bikes in accordance with a bike fit.

Can I bring my own bike on a holiday?

Absolutely! We can even organise your bike to be collected and sent to your first hotel. This removes any of the hassle and worry of getting it booked on the plane, the bike not making it on time or being damaged in transit. It might be cheaper though for you to hire a bike rather than pay the airline fee and larger vehicle transfer fee, so always ask us if that is an option for you.

Are the bikes insured if I choose to hire?

This is a really important point which you should take time to read and fully consider. The bicycle and any equipment you hire is your responsibility during the hire and you will be required to pay for any damage to, theft of, or loss of the bicycle or equipment. Love Velo act as an agent for the bike supplier and so do not provide insurance for this but it may be possible to obtain insurance for this directly with the bike supplier. Please make enquiries of the supplier if you would like to take out the supplier’s insurance. When you take delivery of, or pick up your bicycle, some suppliers may ask for a swipe of your credit card. No money will be taken from your card but the swipe acts as a deposit against any damage caused to the bicycle, any products used, or any late return fees. Any costs to cover this will be charged to your credit card. Please note that some suppliers may request up to €100 per bicycle in cash as a deposit, rather than taking a swipe of your credit card, so please ensure that you have this with you when you pick up, or take delivery of, your bicycle. Finally, all suppliers require each hirer’s identification. Please bring your passport with you when you pick up the bicycle and a copy of your passport may be taken. Please note that a driver’s licence may not be acceptable in some locations.

Alternatively, it is possible to take out a stand alone insurance policy for a hire bike. We work with Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance who offer this. If you choose to use them, use LOVEVELO10 at the checkout for a 10% discount.

How do your transfers work?

We offer both private and group airport transfers. Private transfers are as you would expect them to be. Group airport transfers are available in some destinations to significantly reduce your travel costs. Please note that there is a waiting time of up to an hour when using the group airport transfers.

What type of accommodation can you offer?

We can offer accommodation to suit all price points, from budget to luxury, boutique to resort.

Are you able to provide travel insurance?

It is a condition of your booking with Love Velo that you have travel insurance. We are not able to recommend insurance products but please check that your policy covers the activities you will be taking part in. Please also take out the policy from the moment you book with us, so that you are covered if you need to cancel for any unforeseen reasons. We work with Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance and if you choose to use them, you can use LOVEVELO10 at the checkout for a 10% discount.