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In this uncertain world, you want to know that your holiday and money is protected. Here’s what we often get asked.

Are you ATOL protected?

Yes we are. If you book flights with us, you are fully protected.

Is there any other way of protecting myself financially if I don’t book flights?

Yes, if you pay on a credit card, make an initial payment of £1 to fully protect your whole holiday and unlike other companies, we won’t charge for paying this way.

Are you able to provide travel insurance?

it is a condition of your booking that you have travel insurance but if you don't, click here for a no obligation quote.


We know that everyone is different and so our cycling holidays can be tailored to suit you. We do our very best to fulfil every bespoke request but we’ve also found that there are often very similar enquiries:

I want to save money on airport transfers/taxis. Can you help?

Yes, we can offer group airport transfers in many destinations to significantly reduce your travel costs.

Can I bring my own bike on a holiday?

Absolutely! We can even organise your bike to be collected and sent to your first hotel. This removes any of the hassle and worry of getting it booked on the plane, the bike not making it on time or being damaged in transit. It might be cheaper though for you to hire a bike so always ask us if that is an option for you.

What bikes do you offer?

We offer amazing hire bikes from aluminium hybrids to full carbon, electronic geared road bikes with top of the range components. Simply let us know your preference and we will organise the rest.

Can you fit hire bikes to suit me?

Yes, we can take your specific measurements so that when you arrive on your holiday, your bike will be set up in advance.

What type of accommodation can you offer?

We can offer accommodation to suit all price points, from budget to luxury, boutique to resort.