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Morocco Cycling Holidays

Cycling in Morocco is a real treat. Possibly the most exotic place to reach from the UK within 3 hours, you’ll be enriched with a unique culture and geographical features. Feel mesmerised by the freedom of pedalling into a landscape where a new view emerges around every corner. Mountains will turn into desert, desert into gorges and gorges into luscious oases. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Medina of Marrakech and the Ait Benhaddou, along with ancient ruins scattered along the route, offer an immersion unlike any other into a rich history.

Our Cycling Trips in Morocco

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Cycling Holidays for Everyone

Love Velo provide cycling holidays for everyone. Whether you're a keep road cyclist, enjoy riding an e-bike or hybrid bike, or want to get your family more active, we have the perfect cycling holiday for you.

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