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Cycling Holidays in the Middle East

Cycling in the Middle East offers unparalleled experiences. Ride through ancient lands steeped in mythology and the earliest civilisations. Enjoy Israel, one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the Middle East and experience the authenticity of Jerusalem, the beaches of Tel Aviv and the stunning port of Jaffa. Our cycling holidays will take you to the the Negev desert home to ancient Bedouin traditions and deep red canyons and into Jordan where the city of Petra is an absolute must for any visitor.

Our Cycling Trips in Middle East

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Middle East Cycling Routes

It's hard to picture the raw beauty of Israel and Jordan without travelling there yourself. The Wonder of the World, Petra, will blow you away whilst the less commonly associated beaches are a stunning sight during your days on the bike. Visit Jerusalem and the bustling city of Tel Aviv before heading onwards and discovering a totally contrasting lifestyle where farmers tend to their land with nothing but the barren desert surrounding them.

Cycling Holidays for Everyone

From the lowest point on Earth - the Dead Sea - to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra, our Middle East cycling trips deliver a dazzling array of cultural experiences that are sure to stick with you for a lifetime.

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