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Stelvio Cycling Holidays

Cycling the Stelvio embodies everything Love Velo lives for. An adventurous spirit will take you to the high Alps. 48 hairpins await you from Prato and from here, you can enjoy a thrilling ascent with a breathtaking landscape. Spend some time in the area and ride the Gavia and the Morirolo for the ultimate cycling holiday to the Stelvio.

Our Cycling Trips in Stelvio Cycling Holidays

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Stelvio cycling holidays aren't just about conquering a mountain; they're a testament to pushing yourself that little bit further.

In the heart of the Italian Alps, where adventure meets altitude, our cycling trips to the Stelvio become a canvas for the adventurous spirit.

Navigating the 48 hairpins from Prato isn't merely a physical feat but an exploration of one's limits, supported by a community that shares the same passion for the thrill of the ride.

Passion reverberates through every pedal stroke while cycling the Stelvio. It's not just a journey; it's a symphony of determination, accompanied by the breathtaking landscapes that only the high Alps can offer.

Our Stelvio cycling holidays are crafted for those with a passion for adventure and for pushing boundaries.

Cycling Holidays for Everyone

Love Velo provide cycling holidays for everyone. Whether you're a keep road cyclist, enjoy riding an e-bike or hybrid bike, or want to get your family more active, we have the perfect cycling holiday for you.

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