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Tenerife Daily Guided Rides

4 nights from £595.00

Cycling Trip Highlights

  • Climbing Mount Teide and other incredible routes
  • Completely flexible allowing you to ride any number of guided rides
  • 2 different paces
  • E-bike option available
Tenerife Daily Guided Rides
4 nights from £595.00
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WE LOVEGuided Riding
This is the perfect trip for anybody who wants to complement a self guided trip with a few days of guided, or do a full week of guided riding. Our rides depart every day except Tuesdays.
WE LOVEDiffering Distances & Paces
We have 2 different distances and paces each day. The intermediate rides average 70-80km per day with an average ascent of 1,200m per day, whilst the advanced rides average 90-100km per day with an average ascent of 2,000m per day.

What's Included

Our suggested Tenerife guided rides

We can tailor make this trip for you
How It Works

You can arrive on any day into Tenerife South airport and we will take you to our hotel in Tenerife. Simply pick any number of daily guided rides that you would like to ride on your holiday. You are completely free to pick a couple of rides to add to some self guided days, or ride every guided ride we have in our programme. The choice is yours.

Day 1Monday - Teide East

Monday’s ride will take you on an epic adventure which you will be unlikely to have experienced. You will ride Teide from the north east, where very few people ride from. It’s also a great ride to acclimatise yourself to Tenerife as we will take you on a transfer a fair way up the climb, depending on the ride level you choose, so that there is not as much climbing as other days.

Intermediate Group 84km/1,350m
Advanced Group 92km/1,990m

Day 2Tuesday - Isla Baja & Masca

Santiago Del Teide marks the starting point for today’s ride and we will transfer you up there. You will start the day by descending towards the northern coast and then right down to the Punta del Teno lighthouse, one of the highlights of any trip to Tenerife. From here, you have an epic climb back up to Santiago Del Teide, on a road used by the Fast & The Furious film, such is the beauty and twisting switchbacks. Once in Santiago Del Teide, you will ride downhill all the way back to Los Cristianos.

Intermediate Group 80km/1,175m
Advanced Group 109km/2,575m

Day 3Wednesday - Teide Crater Tour

Today’s ride is a tour of the Teide crater. We will take you to just outside of Guia de Isora on the western ascent of Teide. Your views will be of the banana plantations beneath you and La Gomera behind you, before you make your way into the crater. You will skirt the western edge of the crater before your descent takes you through Granadilla and back to Los Cristianos.

Intermediate Group 72km/1,135m
Advanced Group 102km/2,845m

Day 4Thursday - Barranco Inferno

Enjoy a tour of the east coast today starting in Guimar. We will take you up to Guimar to start the ride and you will ride south all the way down the coast on the TF28, the first road to connect Tenerife’s northern area with the south. You will ride past windmills all the way down to El Poris, passing through typical Canarian towns such as Arico, Fasnia and San Miguel.

Intermediate Group 74km/1,190m
Advanced Group 90km/1,750m

Day 5Friday - Teide

This ride is an unforgettable climb from Granadilla to Las Canadas. You will ride through the fresh Coronal forest where pine trees grow and where breaks in the treeline offer astounding views over the Atlantic. You will arrive at El Retamar with views of three other islands to the east, El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma. Explore deep into the National Park with Teide towering over you, before a thrilling 25 kilometre descent all the way back to our optional lunch stop in San Miguel.

Intermediate Group 77km/1,150m
Advanced Group 90km/1,875m

Day 6Saturday - Anaga

Saturday’s ride is a unique cycle through Tenerife’s enchanted laurel Forest in the very norteast tip of the island. This is a really special ride as most tourists don’t visit here. Explore the forest through stunning Taganana, towards the ocean at Benijo and enjoy breathtaking views at the viewpoints of Bailadero and Pico del Ingles. You will ride in the natural beauty of this Biosphere reserve and have a chance to relax on the beach.

Intermediate Group 48km/1,207m
Advanced Group 64km/2,194m

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What to ExpectFrom smooth, traffic free roads to unforgettable climbing opportunities

Our guided rides provide the best of the island. We will of course take you to the Teide crater where you can ride the volcano, but there’s so much more to explore. Ride the snaking jaw dropping road to the Punta del Teno lighthouse and climb the famous ride out of Masca to Santiago del Teide. We will also take you into typical Canarian country with rides up the east coast and in the heart of the laurel forest in the very far north.

We have 2 different distances and paces each day. The intermediate rides average 70-80km per day with an average ascent of 1,200m per day, whilst the advanced rides average 90-100km per day with an average ascent of 2,000m per day.

6daily guided rides
Ride as many as you want
70km avg per day with an avg 1,200m ascent
Intermediate Group
90km avg per day with an avg 2,000m ascent
Advanced Group
Map of Love Velo's Tenerife Guided Rides

How's the Weather? in Tenerife

The SpringMarch to May
Spring in March, April and May offers the best riding. There will be lots of other cyclists on the road whilst the temperature and breeze provide perfect conditions.
The SummerJune to August
Tenerife can reach high 20's and low 30's in the summer making it great for sunny cycling! This is tempered by the breeze on the coast so you can enjoy some excellent coastal cycling as well as early morning rides.
The AutumnSeptember to November
Autumn is a great time to cycle in Tenerife. The summer heat has passed and the weather becomes perfect for cycling.
The WinterDecember to February
In the winter the temperatures drop slightly, however it's just as good as the UK's summer. Cycling conditions are spot on, perfect for winter cycling!

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