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Why Go Road Cycling in Girona?

13th April, 2022

A question we are often asked is, why go road cycling in Girona? Over the past ten years it has become a cycling mecca and has a huge amount to offer that you might not see on a regular holiday to Girona. What makes cycling an exceptional sport is wherever you go, you get a different experience, and you can explore places freely and see a completely different side of a country and its culture. We believe having a cycling holiday in Girona is the best way to experience it. In this article, we will tell you why cycling in Girona is so unique and why it should be on your bucket list.

cyclist riding up a climb in girona

Why go Road Cycling in Girona?

Cycling in Girona Spain is excellent, and it’s not just the weather or the people. It’s everything the region offers that just makes it an incredible cycling destination.


The first thing to mention is the roads are incredible. Unlike many European cycling destinations, Girona has very well kept roads. Once you get out of the city centre and into the small backroads, you see very few cars, and you’re not dodging potholes. These are quality roads that give you tremendous confidence when cycling on them. What about off road riding, you ask? If you own a mountain bike or a gravel bike, the gravel roads and varying terrain are perfect for the mud fix.


One thing that many people say after cycling in Girona is that the local community just understands cyclists. The many of the locals living there are World Tour Pro Cyclists, and you will often see them ripping around this cycling paradise. It is a favourite place of former pro David Millar. The cars give you plenty of space, and cyclists are accepted with open arms.


Then you have the scenery. With a road bike, you could go up into the small mountain roads for the views down, go down the Costa Brava region for some coastal riding, or even into the Girona old town for some coffee and cobbles.

Food and Drink

If you like good coffee and excellent European food, then Girona is the place for you. When you have built up an appetite, get to a local cafe, throw your bike into the bike parking, and enjoy incredible food. Café culture and espresso mafia meetings are very common for local group rides.

Cycling Cafe Culture

Best Girona Cycling Routes

Girona has some fantastic cycling routes, and they offer something for everyone. You can be riding up the legendary Rocacorba climb which starts at the low stone bridge and will take you on a 10.1k journey with an average of 6.5%, and at times goes up to 15%. All this hard work is well rewarded with amazing views and an incredible descent coming down. Expect to have Pro cyclists fly past you full gas as this is a training hill for many.

You could also hit the Els Angels Loop. On this ride, you will be covering 63.7km in total, but don’t think it will be easy. Heading east out of Girona near the coast, it will be tough but fun. You will have over 1000m of climbing on this journey and take on the 10k Els Angels climb with an average gradient of 3%.

If you don’t fancy any big climbs why not some rolling hills around Lake Banyoles. On this route take in the beautiful medieval towns and sheltered forest scenery. You will have a few ramps between 7% and 9% but nothing an easy spin won’t pull you up. The highlight of this route is definitely coffee on the lakeside in a small café.

For more information on the best cycling routes in Girona, click here.

Girona's Best Cycling Routes (1)

Top Tips for Cycling in Girona

When it comes to cycling holidays and being in new places, sometimes a few tips can go a very long way. Here are our top ten tips for bike breaks Girona.

Carry food, water, and spares, not all small towns have shops open all day, and you don’t want to run out of fuel and end up getting a lift back to your hotel.

Bike hire is sometimes easier than lugging your bike all the way across Europe, and there are plenty of rental shops in Girona.

There are rumours that pro cyclists meet at the Pont de Pedra bridge in the morning if you want to attempt to hold on to their wheel. A professional peloton is a tough place.

Please read up on Spanish cycling laws. They are slightly different from the UK. Things like wearing headphones are illegal.

In the height of summer, midday can be pretty warm. You can either get out early or take extra water and electrolytes for when it gets hot in the day.

Sun cream is a must, and no matter how shaded the training roads might feel, you will catch the sun.

Although road riding is very popular cycling in Girona, the gravel riders have a lot of fun, and if you get the chance, it’s worth trying.

It doesn’t have to be eat sleep cycle, don’t forget to have a rest day and enjoy the beautiful Girona old town.

Pack a rain jacket. It does rain here, even in summer. The region is very green, so expect some rain while on holiday.

Go around June or September for the best weather and the most comfortable for cycling.

Girona Cycling Holidays

When to enjoy a Cycling Holiday in Girona?

Girona has terrific weather, and you can cycle all year round. As far as daytime temperatures go, the lowest you will see is about 5 degrees and the highest 30 degrees. When is the best time?

December – March

At this time, it’s probably still quite cold, daytime high temperatures are about 15 degrees average overall, and you typically see around 8-10 days of rainfall per month.

April – June

This is when you see most tourists returning. The average temperatures are about 23 Degrees overall, and you will see around 8 days of rainfall per month.

July – August

It gets hot now, with daily high temperatures of around 29 degrees midday. You benefit from getting up early to cycle. Still 8 days worth of rain a month too.

September – November

Like April through June, you will see around 23 degree highs in September and October. Going into November, it does cool off a lot. It’s the rainiest time of the year now, with 11-12 days of rain a month.

Cyclist riding through Catalonia in the Spring

Things to do off the bike in Girona Spain

In the legendary city of Girona, there’s a lot to see. Here are our recommendations for the best things to do when not cycling in Girona.

Girona Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona, is a fantastic sight. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you might recognise the steps on the outside.

Wall Walk Girona, you can actually walk on the old ancient walls of Girona, and it gives you not only the most incredible city views but also excellent views of the mountains.

The Old Town, getting lost in Girona old town is a lot of fun. It is full of fascinating places. You will also find many excellent museums close to visit as well.

Aerial view of Girona Old Town


Girona is a unique place and is the choice of many for a cycling holiday. It is straightforward to get to with its own airport, has incredible mountains, a fabulous coastal road close, and is just incredible for all kinds of riding. Ask any professional cyclist who lives there, and they will tell you it is a cycling mecca. Should you go on a Girona cycling holiday? 100% Yes!