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Cycling Holidays in Asia

If you’re looking for an off the beaten track and cultural experience, look no further than Asia. Asia hosts a stunning tapestry of traditional heartlands, ancient monuments and buzzing cities. Cycling here is an experience which rouses the senses. You can enjoy cycling the length and breadth of Vietnam, stopping at golden and dunes, majestic palaces and through paddy fields where your presence will be of intrigue. You can ride down the Mekong Delta and the Irawaddy Rivers, so rich in life that you can spot dolphins. Following this, explore Myanmar, a country only recently open to tourism. The food, the culture and of course the cycling are a wonder on this continent.

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Our Cycling Trips in Asia

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New Zealand

Great West Coast Cycling

If you're looking for bucket list rides, epic scenery and the world's playground, then you've found it in New Zealand. The country is littered with old railways converted...

Cycling Holidays for Everyone

Asia is the perfect place for a cycling holiday, and with the option to tailor-make our itineraries, we can craft an experience to exceed your expectations. Each country has its own rich history, vibrant culture and diverse food options for a varied and exciting experience.

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