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Cycling in Mallorca in October

23rd August, 2021

Cycling in Mallorca in October

The weather in Mallorca is ideal for cycling throughout the year, but cycling in Mallorca in October is fast becoming the most popular month for cyclists to ride. In this blog, we will discuss the weather, accommodation, and cycle routes for any October cycling trip.

There are obvious distinctions between visiting in the summer and winter months. Whilst the weather is a big factor, one huge advantage to visiting in the autumn is that school summer holidays are over and so the island has long since dispensed with summer holiday travellers. Many cyclists favour the month of October for cycling in Mallorca as the roads become a lot quieter and overall the island is more relaxed after the height of summer. You can also relax on the beach in just a t-shirt after a challenging climb as the weather is still relatively warm.

The weather in October

The temperature for Cycling in Mallorca in October is essentially perfect for riding. As well as the air temperature being a lot cooler and therefore less sapping to tired legs, early in the month there is still very little chance of rain. In early October, you can still expect beautiful blue skies and sunshine. The weather can get wetter later in the month so make sure you are prepared. Read our blog on top tips for cycling in Mallorca and everything you need to know about the weather here.

Love Velo cyclist riding up the Coll de Sa Creueta

Riding up the Coll de Sa Creueta in October


While the weather can be beautiful on the coast, take note of the microclimate of the Tramuntana Mountains. It will be cooler in the mountains, especially as you gain altitude (although no climb is particular high).

The roads during October

During October cycling in Mallorca is a lot quieter than in August and September. You will find the roads emptier which is a real pleasure, especially on your descents. The mountains are quiet, really only populated with locals and the number of riders will have dropped significantly between September and October. It can feel as though you have the mountains entirely to yourself at certain times in the month. Even Mallorca cycling routes like Cap Formentor, which can be choked in the summer, can be incredibly quiet in October.

If you’re a relative beginner or more nervous about riding abroad, then the cycle paths that hug Pollensa’s horshoe bay and offer incredible views of Formentor, are almost deserted. That means you can ride entirely off road with stunning views over the water, with very few other cycle path users for company.

At Love Velo, we can offer you great bicycle rental all year but especially in October. With fewer riders, we can offer brilliant carbon road bikes with upgrades to DI2s, carbon wheels and various other options.

Accommodation during autumn months

October is a quieter time for tourism which allows for accommodation to be somewhat cheaper than usual. This is particularly true if you want to stay closer to the coast, whilst the water is still warm. Take a dip into the sea and indulge in more than just cycling during your trip. Travelling to Mallorca takes just over a couple of hours, and flight prices are a lot lower than in September making it the go-to destination. Autumn is a great time of year to visit not only because of the amazing deals but also because of the majestic views.

Our first priority will be to cater to your wants and needs, from location to facilities. Whether you are searching for a small beach hotel overlooking the turquoise ocean or wanting an authentic Spanish experience. There are beautiful views all over the island, and many hotels have sea or mountain views. Imagine crystal clear waters and shadowy pine trees in paradise. October has a lot more availability and the prices are extremely reasonable.

From high-end gyms to stylish interior decor, you can find converted old country houses with contemporary twists in the east of Mallorca. Set in a peaceful countryside location, these hotels offer many amenities within a unique Spanish environment. There are many amazing locations to stay in throughout Mallorca with endless accessible cycling routes. Ride your bike along country lanes with a fresh breeze blowing through your hair. Get in touch with us here to book your next October cycling holiday.