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Andratx to Pollensa Cycling Route

7th September, 2021

Andratx to Port Pollensa Highlights

In our opinion, the Andratx to Pollensa cycling route might be the most perfect cycling route in Mallorca. Whilst perfection depends on personal preference, very few cycling routes in Mallorca can offer this level of distance, ascent and sheer beauty. Your ride will take you across the wild and rugged Tramuntana mountain range. You will experience epic Mallorca cycling climbs, thrilling descents and pass through dozens of small charming villages. This is a must do ride for any cycling holiday in Mallorca.

Route Summary

Starting from Port Andratx, the ride traverses 120 kilometres with over 2,400m of climbing, before you arrive in Pollensa. The beauty of this ride is also that you can increase both your distance and ascent if you choose to ride a couple of the most famous Mallorca cycling climbs.

Add on Port Valldemossa and you will ride an additional 12km plus 300m of gorgeous Mallorca climbing. Add on Port de Soller, probably the most beautiful port on the island, and you will clock up an additional 7km and 250m of ascent. If you really want to push yourself on your Mallorca cycling holiday, as you ride past Gorg Blau having climbed Puig Major, you can ride to the bottom of Sa Calobra and back up. Do this and you will have added an additional 27km plus 930m of ascent. If you're on a group cycling holiday in Mallorca, the range of distances and climbing could suit you perfectly.

Port Andratx to Valldemossa 43km and 1,250m of ascent

This section is one of the best cycling routes in Mallorca. The ride starts from Port Andratx and you will be almost immediately ascending, with a quick succession of short scenic climbs and twisty descents. The terrain is never flat. Despite the myriad of twists and turns along the first part of the route, it is hard to get lost as it the MA-10.

View of the sea and the cliffs at Estellencs in Mallorca

View of the sea and the cliffs at Estellencs

Straight out of Andratx and the road heads uphill for the first 5 km up to the Coll de sa Gramola, a steady test at 5% average over quiet roads perfect to wake up the legs for the long day ahead. This epic Mallorca cycling route then skirts the town of Andratx before climbing into the hills. The route is a seriously challenging endurance ride so don’t push the pace too much at the start unless you're confident you can sustain it.

You will ride up another  climb before descending down towards the coast. The descent descent features some impressive hairpins and various tunnels with open arcs that are worth taking a few snaps.  The road carries on over the rough rolling terrain by the coast for the next 15 kilometres. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean from steep cliffs while tackling short ramps. You will ride through the village of Estellencs which offers some of the most jaw dropping views over the ocean.

Estellencs into the Mountains

Banyalbufar is the next town you will come to and it's conveniently spread along this section of the route should you need to stop and refuel. From Banyalbufar the road heads inlands to deal with the short Coll de sa Bastida and Coll den Claret, adding 350 meters of elevation in just 6 km. Following these climbs, the next 23 km are lumpy but mostly downhill until you reach the town of Valldemossa. Valldemossa is a stunning town, nestled deep in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains. Perched on a hilltop, it has a labyrinth of cobbled streets and so if you have time, stop here for a coffee and just enjoy traditional Mallorcan life. From here, you can ride down to Port Valldemossa and back up again, adding 7km and 250m to your ride.

Valldemossa to Puig Major summit 35km and 1,200m of ascent

The next section of the Andratx to Pollensa cycling route is from Valldemossa to the beginning of the Puig Major climb.  You will ride to Deià and its idyllic landscape. The village and its outskirts are peppered with olive and orange groves on steep cliffs overlooking the waters. Mallorca cycling doesn't get much better than this.

View of the Beach at Cala Deia

View of the Beach at Cala Deia, just below the town of Deia

Pedalling ahead on the MA-10 road, you’ll reach the village of Sóller, just over 60 km into the ride. From here, you can descend to Port Soller to add on 7km plus 250m of climbing, or if you want to experience another epic cycling climb in Mallorca, you could go out your way to conquer the Coll de Soller from the north side.

This is a pivotal point of the route and you should only ride to Port Soller or take on the Coll de Soller if you really have enough energy. From here you are about to cycle the longest climb of the day and one of the most iconic cycle climbs in Mallorca. Puig Major is a “Hors Categorie” climb measuring 15 km in length and featuring steady 6% ramps as you head up to the Monnaber tunnel. Its moderate gradients make it relatively easy to ride but don’t fall into the temptation of pushing a high tempo. This will likely be an effort of over an hour so enjoy the views and make sure you also eat and drink regularly as there's nowhere to stop until you're on the other side of the tunnel.

You’ll know you have reached the summit of Puig Major as it’s marked by a 500 meter tunnel followed by a fast descent into a valley.

Puig Major to Cap Formentor 43km and 300m of ascent

You will pass the glistening waters of the Gorg Blau once you're through the tunnel until a few kilometres down this road you’ll reach the famous intersection to the Sa Calobra climb. Take a left turn if you feel like adding another 20 kilometres and 930 meters of elevation to this already monstrous ride!

From here, you're mostly riding downhill to Port Pollensa, losing almost 1,300m of altitude as you descend. These kilometres will feel like a well-deserved reward after all the hard work put into the climbs, with a few rolling hills to the village of Lluc followed by a fast twisty descent via the Coll de Femenia. This last section is especially enjoyable as you feel immersed into a quiet natural setting with 360 degree views of the craggy terrain with no signs of civilization and a few goats as spectators.

The last 5-10km is a flat road back into civilisation as you ride into Port de Pollensa having completed the challenge of the Andratx to Pollensa cycling route.

Top Tips For Riding From Andratx to Port Pollensa

The first question for anyone wanting to take on the Andratx to Pollensa cycling route is how to get there. Being a point to point ride means that you will need a ride to the start or a pick-up at the finish point depending on where you are based on the island. Fortunately we've got your back on this and so if you choose to enjoy a road cycling holiday in Mallorca with us, we can provide a shuttle from Port Pollensa to Port Andratx to start your ride. The journey will take approximately an hour from one of our cycling hotels in Mallorca.

This ride is really long and tough. Whether you choose to add sections to it or just ride the straight line from Andratx to Pollensa, we recommend that you eat, drink, and repeat. This is a route that requires mental fortitude but also calories! Don’t forget to get some sustenance regularly throughout the ride if you want to make it to Port Pollensa in one piece.

While most of the route covers remote rural areas, you are likely to encounter vehicle traffic in some intersections with the main towns along the way, especially during the peak summer holiday season. The road condition is in general spot-on, just watch out for the slippery natural debris on the gutter and the odd goat.

Where to Refuel with Coffee & Cake

The route from Andratx to Pollensa goes through a number of villages where it is possible to find numerous cafes and restaurants all-year-round. These are conveniently spread out for an optimal stop and refuel strategy making this challenge a bit more manageable.

At kilometre 22 you will arrive into Estellencs. Cafe Estellencs is pretty basic but has all you would need for a pit stop.

22 kilometres on, at kilometre 44 you will reach Valldemossa. This is a town with a huge range of options from small cafes to good restaurants.

Deià is at kilometre 50 and is similar to Valldemossa but just smaller. Still, there are plenty of options to refuel in town.

Sóller is at kilometer 62, the last town before Puig Major climb. Right after the climb you can stop at the famous Cafe Escorca at the intersection with Sa Calobra or grab an orange juice at the OJ shack under the Sa Calobra aqueduct.

The village of Lluc will be your last option to refuel at kilometre 95.


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