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Ten of the Best Cycling Climbs in Mallorca

The Best Cycling Climbs in Mallorca

Mallorca is a cyclist's playground. From revered climbs like Sa Calobra to hidden gems, the island has it all. Everyone has their top 10 rides in Mallorca, and hopefully ours will whet your appetite for a cycling holiday in Mallorca.

Mallorca Climb Number 10: The Coll d'Honor

The Coll d'Honor in Mallorca

What is so special about the Coll d'Honor Climb?

Cycling climbs in Mallorca come tougher and longer than the Coll d'Honor but that's not why we love it. We love that despite its road surface it provides immediate access to the mountains. The road is a classic Mallorca cycling climb as it winds its through the mountains and it's incredibly quiet, even in the summer months. The climb starts in Bunyola making it a perfect ride from Palma or the flatlands, or of course you can ride the reverse of the route from Port Pollensa. It's also just 4 kilometres away from the southern ascent of the Coll de Sóller.

Brief Description of the Route

The Strava segment of the climb is 6.2 kilometres and that starts right in the centre of Bunyola. The signpost denoting the start of the climb is about 1 kilometre on. The tarmac on the Coll d'Honor is probably the worst of all Mallorca's climbs so you need to take care on both the ascent and descent. It's tough to get into any rhythm as steep ramps make way for easier sections as you climb further into the pine tree forest.  A couple of kilometres into the climb you will find some hairpins before the road then hits a steady 6-7%. You will keep riding at a similar gradient until a couple of efforts to ride the 10% ramps right by the summit of the climb. From here, you will drop down into the town of Orient.

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Cycling in Mallorca Routes: The Coll d'Honor GPX File

Mallorca Climb Number 9: The Coll de Sa Batalla

Coll de Sa Batalla climb in Mallorca

What is so special about the Coll de Sa Batalla Climb?

The Coll de Sa Batalla does not have the gravitas of other climbs in Mallorca but it's one that you will almost certainly ride if you're tackling a series of Mallorca cycling climbs. The climb connects the flatlands with the main road through the mountains and so you will likely ride it if you are cycling from Port Pollensa through the Tramuntana.

The climb isn't too tough so it's a good introduction to other famous cycling climbs in Mallorca. It averages a fairly easy 5% across 8km and so there is still a good amount of length in this climb to allow you to build some rhythm for tougher tests ahead.

Brief Description of the Route

The ride starts in Caimari, a great place to stop for coffee or something to eat. You will climb out of the flatlands before you find yourself deep into a pine forest. There are a few narrow turns before a straight section to the middle of the climb. The road dips before heading back up over easier gradients with superb views of the valley to your right hand side.

The road then kicks up again with the toughest part of the ascent with the ramps at about 6-7%. 6 hairpins then take you to the summit.

Cycling in Mallorca Routes: The Coll de Sa Batalla GPX File

Mallorca Climb Number 8: Port Valldemossa


Port Valldemossa in Mallorca


What is so special about the Port Valldemossa Climb?

The climb out of the port of Valldemossa is only at number 8 of our countdown of the best cycling climbs in Mallorca because it's not so well known. It is arguably one of the truly classic climbs, featuring hairpin after hairpin, so much that it's been described as a mini Sa Calobra. It's a descent and ascent climb like Sa Calobra so you have to ride to the port before climbing back from where you came.

You can ride the climb fairly easily from Palma and there's an epic ride from Andratx to Port Pollensa which will take you right past the climb.

Brief Description of the Route

The Strava segment for the route up from Port Valldemossa starts right from the water's edge. You will be climbing into hairpin heaven almost immediately which gives you great views over the cliffs that plunge into the water below.  As you head into the hills, the road becomes extremely narrow so you need to be really careful of any oncoming traffic. From here, it's 6 hairpinsfollowed by a straight run to the summit of the climb.

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Cycling in Mallorca Routes: The Port Valldemossa GPX File

Mallorca Climb Number 7: The Coll de Randa

Coll de Randa in Mallorca

What is so special about the Coll de Randa Climb?

This climb could arguably be higher in our list of the top ten best cycling climbs in Mallorca. It's a pretty easy climb by the island's standards but that's not why we love it. We love its isolation, a climb that sits proudly on a mass of land in the middle of the flatlands. The views that you get from the top are simply sensational, with the mountains in the background, the ocean in the distance, and miles and miles of flatlands dotted with traditional fincas, orange and olive groves. It also is a mystical climb with the 13th century Santuari de Cura monastery sitting proudly atop it.

Brief Description of the Route

Randa, a small village just north of Llucmajor in the flatlands is where the climb starts. Your approach to it will be through the rural flatlands that make Mallorca such a tapestry of terrain. The road begins climbing with an average of about 5% and the official Strava segment starts with a signpost indicating the monastery of Santuari de Randa.

The first part of the climb has probbaly the toughest ramps on the ride but you will soon find a rhythm as you climb.  The quiet landscape of Randa by this point has turned into bushes and pines trees before you reach a narrow switchback where the road opens to the valley and you will be rewarded with magnificent views.

You will be close to the top when you spot the radar station tower, the ugly landmark that blots an otherwise beautiful landscape. A few meters ahead you’ll ride to the stone entrance of the famous Santuari de Cura.

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Cycling in Mallorca Routes: The Coll de Randa GPX File

Mallorca Climb Number 6: The Coll de Femenia

The Coll de Femenia in Mallorca

What is so special about the Coll de Femenia Climb?

Most road cycling routes in Mallorca, especially rides that feature lots of climbing, will take in the Coll de Femenia. The climb links the north of the island with the mountains so if you've ridden Sa Calobra or ridden from Puerto Pollensa into the heart of the Tramuntana, you've probably ridden the Coll de Femenia.  At 7.5km with an average of 5.5%, it's shorter and less steep than Sa Calobra but it is one of the key Mallorca cycling climbs.

Brief Description of the Route

First of all, whichever way you are cycling this Mallorca climb, the tarmac is superb. That is because it links the mountains with the northern coast and so it's a main road. The flip side of that coin is that it can be busy, especially in the summer months.

The climb (from the north) features a few hairpins early on and there’s a straight section that can catch you out as it is so exposed to the elements. Soon however, you will ride into the mountains and looking back, you will get great views of the valley, the northern coast and even the Formentor peninsula in the distance.

Once you summit, you have the option of riding into Lluc. It's also a great climb to start a loop taking in the Coll de Sa Batalla, Sa Calobra or Puig Major.

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Cycling in Mallorca Routes: The Coll de Femenia GPX File

Mallorca Climb Number 5: Sobremunt

The Sobremunt climb in Mallorca

What is so special about the Sobremunt Climb?

Similar to the Coll de Randa, you won't necessarily pick this as your go to climb on any Mallorca cycling climbs map, but again it's not why we love it. Sobremunt, like Puig de Randa, is relatively isolated. It is located at the southern end of the Tramuntana and is probably the toughest climb in Mallorca. It's also almost completely unknown with only 500 cyclists having registered a ride on Strava. Compare that to any other cycling climb in Mallorca and you will find only about 0.5% of cyclists in Mallorca who log their rides on Strava have ridden Sobremunt.

Brief Description of the Route

You will take a right turn out of the Ma-1041 road and as the road starts to climb, you will begin your ascent to Sobremunt. The first couple of kilometres are really quite easy but after about 2 kilometres, the road really starts to ramp up. Sections reach 20%, especially on the inside of the turns  and the hairpins keep coming as you head through the forest. The road surface is pretty dreadful in places so take it easy on your tougher efforts and remember that for your descent!

The road climbs further still with gradients barely drop below 10% - think the first 10km up from Bedoin to Ventoux! There are a few sections of respite before you start to climb again and close to the top, poor tarmac makes way for gravel. This makes it an incredibly tough ride with the gradients on offer. On summiting, you will lookout over Palma bay.

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Cycling in Mallorca Routes: The Sobremunt GPX File

Mallorca Climb Number 4: Cap Formentor

Cap Formentor Cycling Route in Mallorca

What is so special about Cap Formentor?

We are cheating a little bit because Cap Formentor is more of a cycling route than a dedicated climb. You can't have a list of great climbing in Mallorca without mentioning Cap Formentor. It's probably the most beautiful 40km there-and-back ride on the island, and one that is incredibly popular. The road feels like you are cycling to the end of the world and the peninsular offers stunning views, especially from the lighthouse at the end of the island.

Brief Description of the Route

Most cyclists will ride Cap Formentor from Port Pollensa and after about 3km you will reach the first climb of the day, the Coll de Sa Creueta. The road will take you quickly above 200 meters and you will seoon arrive at El Mirador de Sa Creueta. The lookout over the Mallorcan peninsular really is something to behold.

You will then hit a fabulous descent down to Formentor beach before climbing again as you get closer to the cape. From here, you will reach the famous Cap Formentor tunnels so take it carefully and bring lights with you. Cala Figuera beach is to your left and you will be riding over undulating roads, the sides of which, drop impressively into the sea below. From here, you will reach the Cap Formentor photo point before a few more hairpins drop you below the lighthouse for your final push to the top.

Cycling in Mallorca Routes: Cap Formentor GPX File

Mallorca Climb Number 3: Coll de Soller

 Coll de Soller climb in Mallorca

What is so special about the Coll de Soller climb?

The Coll de Soller is a must ride Mallorca cycling climb. Both the north and southern sections offer incredible riding. The southern ascent has 20 tight turns whilst the north has almost 30 hairpins to contend with. The climb is a bucket list ride and is often tacked on to a loop to include Puig Major and Sa Calobra.

Brief Description of the Route

The South

The southern ascent is the shorter of the two climbs, at just 4.9 kilometres in length. After 1 kilomters, you hit the first hairpin and you’ll be greeted with tough sections of up to 11%. The road narrows and you will feel immersed in the climb. You will reach a long straight section which gives a little respite at bout 5-6% incline before you reach the last 3 kilometers of ascent and the hairpins. They come quickly, only separated by a couple of hundred metres of tarmac, and you'll ride 20 of them to the summit.

The North

The north side offers similar gradients to the south section but the climb is 2.5 kilometres longer, with 10 more hairpins. In fact between kilometre 4 and 6 there are actually 16 switchbacks!

Cycling in Mallorca Routes: Coll de Soller GPX File (North)

Cycling in Mallorca Routes: Coll de Soller GPX File (South)

Mallorca Climb Number 2: Puig Major

Puig Major Climb in Mallorca

What is so special about the Puig Major climb?

In at number 2 is Puig Major. Cycling climbs in Mallorca don't come much tougher than this and it's the only "Hors Categorie" climb on the island.

Puig Major is the highest point in the Tramuntana mountains reaching close to 1,500m but you will only be able to climb to about 900m as above that, is a military base that is out of bounds.

Brief Description of the Route

The climb starts in Soller and after one kilometre, you will encounter your first hairpin. A diversion to Fornalutx is on your right but you will keep heading straight up. The forest trees bend in on each other creating a tunnel like feel as you head into the mountains. There's a brief respite after around 6 kilometres and as you climb you will get a magnificent view over Port de Sóller to your left.

The gradients gets a little tougher as you get close to the summit with segments averaging over 7% and the views disappear for a good while. It's not only until about kilometre 14 that you will get views again of the Tramuntana ridge and from here, you are just 500 meters away to the Monnaber tunnel and the summit of Puig Major.

Cycling in Mallorca Routes: Puig Major GPX File

Mallorca Climb Number 1: Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra climb in Mallorca

What is so special about the Sa Calobra climb?

It's hard to look past Sa Calobra as number one on any list of the best cycling climbs in Mallorca. Team Sky and British Cycling's successes were built on training camps that took in this stunning 9km ascent and since then, it's become a Mecca for road cyclists. Put simply, it's the most famous cycling climb in Mallorca.

Brief Description of the Route

You have to descend the climb to ride it as the starting point for the ride is the village at the bottom of the mountain. Easy gradients at the bottom will allow you to get into a rhythm and you will begin to climb up through the limestone. Keep spinning your legs and get ready for harder sections and after 2.5 kilometres, you will find the stunning section across Sa Brexta where the rocks devour the tarmac allowing just one vehicle to pass. You need to be really careful on this route, especially in the summer months when the road can get really busy.

At kilometre 6, the hairpins kick in and they come thick and fast. Keep something in the tank for the last 3 kilometres as they are the toughest of the climb. The very last section is the most iconic and the one that you will have seen pictures of. It's the Nus the Sa Corbata (the “Tie knot”) featuring a 270-degree turn with the road looping over itself. From here you are right by the top of the climb.

Cycling in Mallorca Routes: Sa Calobra GPX File

Map of the 10 Climbs

Map of the cycling climbs in Mallorca