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Tips for choosing your cycling holiday destination

Written by Jonathan B on 8th August, 2018

With cycling holidays growing in popularity and the number of potential destinations increasing, trying to decide where to go is becoming harder and harder. Here are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before making the big decision:

Who are you travelling with?

Who you travel with will make a huge difference to where you decide to spend your holiday. Whether you’re travelling on your own or with friends and familyyou’ll find that you can tailor your holiday to fit every requirement you might have. It’s important to consider the average pace that your group will ride at, as well as confirming the amount of time everyone is hoping to spend cycling each day.

Choose a destination that suits everyone’s needs. If your friends are hoping to sip cocktails by the pool at 4pm, you might be wise to get up and down the mountains before that! Woman takes picture of group of cyclists How long have you got?

The time you have available will help to give you an idea of the distance you should travel. If you’ve only got a week spare, a trip to New Zealand might not be the best idea but a country-to-country ride through Europe is certainly achievable and gives you the chance to see as many new places as your legs will allow.

It’s also important to be realistic about how much you’re hoping to achieve in the time you have. Time can be your worst enemy if you plan too much – you don’t want to feel like you’re having to rush your holiday.Bikes at the bridge What is the main purpose of your holiday?

To ensure you make the most out of your trip, it’s important to have an idea of what you want to see and do. Choose a destination that provides you with everything you are hoping for – whether that be challenging climbs, picturesque towns or a mixture of both – then anything else is a bonus.challenging climbsWhat kind of weather can you expect?

The weather can make a huge difference to your overall experience. Make sure to check the forecast before making a decision and choose the place you think will suit the needs of you and your group. European destinations such as Mallorca and mainland Spain can get extremely hot in the summer so bear this in mind when heading for the warm weather.Cyclists ride along the vineyards Guided or independent?

If you’re thinking about travelling to a new country, you may find that the best way to explore the area is by using a guide. A guide allows you to become immersed in the experience instead of worrying about whether you should have turned left 500 yards back. You also get the chance to meet someone with an expansive and unique knowledge of the area, meaning you will be taken to the main tourist attractions as well as the hidden gems of the country. Guides are particularly popular on our cycling holidays in Asia as well as our trips in Mallorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.Cyclists take a picture at the coast Good luck deciding on your next destination and, most importantly, enjoy it!

If you need some more guidance about our specific trips, search for a country and see what we offer, email [email protected] or give us a call on 0207 157 1519. There’s loads to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find something you like!