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Cycling The Coll de Sa Batalla in Mallorca

14th May, 2021

Riding The Coll de Sa Batalla

Cycling the Coll de Sa Batalla is not a famous ride like Sa Calobra in Mallorca but it's a ride you will most likely climb if you're cycling in the Tramuntana.

The Coll de sa Batalla is a climb that connects the flatlands of central Mallorca with the MA-10 road that traverses the Tramuntana mountain range. Its positioning makes it an excellent ascent to throw in the mix when planning a loop route between Pollensa, Soller, and of course, Sa Calobra. It's also a great climb if you just want to find a punchy climb in Mallorca, easily accessible from the flatlands or foothills of the Tramuntana.

The climb isn't too long or steep so it’s a great introductory climb for newcomers to the island as well as a great warm up for some tougher tests ahead. Tucked into the foot of UNESCO’s heritage Tramuntana ridge, it isn’t short of beautiful views and great riding for anyone wishing to enjoy a road cycling holiday in Mallorca.

The Coll de Sa Batalla climb

What's the Coll de Sa Batalla like?

The Initial Hairpins

Cycling the Coll de Sa Batalla starts in Caimari, just north of Inca. The climb officially starts out of the village with a sign indicating the length (7.9 km) and average gradient (5%) of the climb. Approaching the climb on a gentle drag from the flatlands, you'll quickly feel immersed in the mountains on a quiet road with steep forested banks.

In a few hundred meters you'll get to the first series of scenic hairpins offering great views as you swiftly climb up one side of the gorge. The pedals turning easy over buttery-smooth tarmac and the cooler feeling under the pine trees will give you a boost in this early section of the climb.

Halfway Point & Recovery

After the initial set of narrow turns, the road straightens for the next kilometre and a half still under a thick forest tapestry. Another twisty section will take you through the halfway point and past kilometre 4 where the road tilts downhill briefly.

From kilometre 4 to 6 the gradients ease considerably and the road opens up letting you enjoy the superb views of a narrow valley on your right hand side. Don’t get overly distracted though as the edge of the road is quite close and drops down steeply at times. Right before kilometre 6 the road cuts through the mountain squeezing in between impressive vertical rock walls.

The winding road of the Coll de Sa Batalla

The Twisting Finale

Just when it seems you’ll get easily to the top, the road kicks up again with the toughest gradients on the climb. Fear not though, the ramps won’t get any steeper than 6-7% and at this point you can enjoy the scenic views of the Tramuntana from the bends in the road.

6 consecutive hairpins will take you to the last kilometre and from there, you will ride in the shade cast by the pine forest. The summit is marked by another signpost and you’ll recognise it thanks to the gas station a few meters ahead where cyclists stop on the various cycling routes in the Tramuntana.

Unless you're planning on descending back from where you came, you will keep climbing after the official summit of Coll de Sa Batalla. The road keep kicks up for another 2 kilometres at 5% on its way to Sa Calobra. From the gas station you’ll have to ride just 11 kilometres more until the summit of the legendary Mallorcan climb, or you can visit Lluc and ride on to Port Pollensa.

Key statistics

Length: 7.9 kilometres.

Average Gradient: 4.9%.

Toughest Gradient: 10%.

Coll de Sa Batalla is a category 2 climb, mostly due to its length rather than the difficulty of the ramps, gaining an elevation of 247 meters along the way.

In terms of maximum gradients it is one of the easiest climbs in the island, easy to conquer with a standard compact groupset 34T-28T.

While the current Strava KOM shows a time of under 17 minutes, clocking it in around 25 would be a respectable full gas effort for a trained amateur rider. Lacking very hard sections, it is a climb suited for powerful riders rather than lightweight climbers.

Top Tips for Cycling the Coll de Sa Batalla

The steady road up to Coll de Sa Batalla is for the most part nicely tucked into a series of gorges, protected from the sun and the wind. There’s only an open section towards the top but it is the fastest and with the easiest gradients. Traffic is generally scarce, but it can get busier in the peak tourist season months so an early start it’s the way to go.

The road is in top condition and there aren’t as many twists and turns as in other climbs such as Coll de Soller. That makes descending an easier task but still you should be mindful of the steep road banks and the limited width of the tarmac.

Sa Batalla is the gateway to the best climbs on the island. There are countless combinations to craft a route that adapts to every type of cycling holiday, from semi-professional training camps to touring spins, and you’ll always find fellow cyclists riding in both directions.

Where to Refuel with Coffee & Cake

The small village of Caimari at the base of the climb is the perfect place to refuel before heading into the Tramuntana mountains. Right by the main road MA-2130 that passes through the town, S’Aturada is an ideal pit stop offering coffee, cake and local cold cuts and toasts. Also in Caimari, Sa Ruta Verda offers vegan and gluten free food options for cyclists.

Over the top of the climb you’ll find the most cycling friendly petrol station in Mallorca. They’ve got a tool rack, pumps and even sell energy gels and bars. Next to it, Coll de Sa Batalla cafe is the place for a more relaxed breakfast or lunch stop.

2 kilometres after the summit you’ll reach the quaint town of Lluc with a number of local restaurants.

Coll de Sa Batalla Weather

Mallorca can be very hot but this climb is really nicely shaded with very few exposed sections. It's in the middle of the mountains and so it might be part of a longer route so make sure that if that is the case, you're summiting early morning in the middle of summer. That will give you enough time to ride other climbs without riding in the hottest part of the day.

Coll de Sa Batalla GPX File

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