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5 Reasons why you NEED to cycle in Belgium

Written by Jonathan B on 13th February, 2019

Following the recent addition of 4 more Belgium cycling holidays to the Love Velo website, we wanted to share what makes the country so special to us and why cycling here is such a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all ages and abilities.

1 – The Cycleways

The first point of call for dedicated cycling roads and smooth, traffic-free paths is usually Holland. And rightly so, we love Holland. However, Belgium is also a cycling haven. As one of Europe’s most renowned cycling country’s, Belgium boasts a plethora of cycle lanes and interlinking, signposted routes. Our Brussels to Bruges cycling holiday provides you with the perfect opportunity to explore these roads. Bisecting rolling countryside hills, these dedicated cycleways are the perfect link from city to city.2 Cyclists ride along the Poppies fields 2 – Famous Cities

Belgium boasts a number of famous cities, each of which offers some unique. The port city of Antwerp sits at the base of the River Scheldt and celebrates centuries-old architecture. Visit the Grote Markt for a traditional and authentic Belgium experience. Head south and you’ll reach the capital of Brussels or south-west along the River Scheldt where you can enjoy a more lively, youthful atmosphere due to it being a University town and a cultural hub for Belgium.

View of Bruges

3 – Belgian Beer

Belgium has a rich brewing history. Dating back to the 12th Century where low-alcohol percentage beer was preferred to water, you’ll find out more about the rich history of the country and how the production of beer has shaped the industry, towns and lifestyles of a large portion of Belgium. All of our tours will provide you with an introduction to the rich beer history, however, if you want to find out even more then check out our Belgium Beer and Cycling Tour.

Belgian beer

4 – Pristine Rivers

We love following the rivers as we ride through Belgium. The Scheldt makes up a large portion of your trip and connects the equally stunning checkpoints of Antwerp, Dendermonde and Ghent on our Brussels to Bruges cycling holiday. A distributary of the Scheldt is the River Nete, another popular attraction of our North Flanders cycling holiday. You will come across a number of scenic river rides throughout your holiday, each more memorable than the last.

Picturesque houses in Belgium

5 – Incredible Food

Cycling through different cities and towns in Belgium will introduce you to the varying regional cuisines. Those living outside Belgium will associate the country with chocolate, waffles and fries, however, upon arrival, you will be made aware of the significant influence that Germany and France have had on the dishes served here. Moules-Frites will be a constant feature whilst regional dishes such as ‘waterzooi’ from Ghent are certainly worth trying.

Brussels waffles

Find out more about cycling in Belgium. Enjoy scenic days on the bike and relax each evening in a new, exciting town or city. This trip is ideal for families or riders who simply want to use the bike as a way to explore a new country.