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5 reasons why you NEED to cycle in Tenerife

Written by Jonathan B on 15th August, 2018

The largest of the Canary Islands and host to the highest peak in Spain, Tenerife is one of the most popular warm weather destinations and has seen over two million tourists each year since 2015. As a cycling destination, the island has it all which is why you have to go! If you’re undecided, or still searching for your next holiday destination, here are the 5 reasons why you NEED to cycle in Tenerife.

Stunning Coastal Riding

Sitting off the west coast of Africa, you’ll find incredible views on every coastal route in Tenerife. The golden beaches and turquoise waters sit below the rugged, winding roads providing an unimaginable outlook on your ride. One of the most scenic rides is the route into Abades. This beautiful coastal town sits at the end of an equally stunning coastal ride. The island is full of quaint towns and the coastal routes into them will only improve as your holiday progresses. Cyclists ride on a coastal route in TenerifeIncredible Accommodation

We’ve been visiting Tenerife for longer than we can remember. Everyone who travels to the island returns with only great things to say. For more information about the whole cycling experience, you can read about Chris’ trip to Tenerife earlier this year. Part of what makes up this unique cycling experience is the great accommodation links that we have. We use the best hotels on the island; places that accommodate all levels of cyclists and are positioned perfectly for your cycling needs. Therefore we know that you’ll enjoy a relaxing stay on your holiday.Accommodation in Tenerife Mount Teide

Climbing El Teide is not a task to be taken lightly. Take the long route from Los Cristianos (45km) or the shorter route of 24km from the west, depending on how confident you’re feeling. Either way, you’ll be grateful you took on the challenge once you make it to the peak. Take in the views knowing you’ve conquered one of Europe’s most famous mountains. You’ll have to be fit to take on this challenge but, if you’re up for it, it’s one you will never forget.Way to El Teide The Weather

The weather in Tenerife is more predictable than in the equally popular cycling destination of Mallorca. The predictable temperatures are one of  the reasons why so many professional riders choose to train in Tenerife. Nicknamed ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’, you can be confident that between Spring and Autumn you will experience ideal conditions, whilst this also extends into early and late winter most years.Cyclist in TenerifeGuided Cycling 

In Tenerife, we offer flexible self-guided and guided holidays as well as training camps throughout the majority of the year. As the island is so popular with seasoned cyclists, our training camps and guided holidays are very popular however, we can easily tailor our holidays to fit the needs of all riders regardless of your cycling experience. We also provide e-bikes for those who want to explore the island but want a more relaxing riding experience. Additionally, we often organise trips for groups made up of cyclists and non cyclists so, as some take on El Teide, others can relax by the pool and enjoy the beautiful sun without the leg pains that come with climbing Mount Teide – but really, it’s great!Group of cyclists on the Mount Teid

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