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A beginners guide to E-Bikes

Written by Jonathan B on 5th September, 2018

E-Bikes are growing in popularity at a staggering speed. The rapid improvements in technology and the increased availability of these bikes all around the world means that more and more people are choosing to go on cycling holidays, and we love this.

From Vietnam to Sri Lanka, Holland and the Loire Valley, E-Bikes are an option wherever you choose to travel but if, like many, you’re still unsure about this new craze then here’s everything you need to know about Electric Bikes.

What are they?

In short, Electric Bikes are just normal bikes. They offer all the same components as a standard bike with the added help of an electric motor. This is made up of a battery (which is charged and ensures you can ride as long as you want) and a motor (generally positioned at the bottom bracket in between the cranks). With these two components, you’ll find you receive a lot more assistance so you can enjoy the ride regardless of your experience or potential injuries. Cyclists on an E-bikeWhy use one?

We’ve found that E-Bikes have given opportunities to people who never expected to be going on a cycling holiday. With the addition of these bikes in some of the most popular cycling country’s in the world, more people are provided with the chance to experience reaching the top of Mount Teide or riding through the cultural paradise of Vietnam. One of our most popular requests is for holidays made up of E-Bike riders and standard road bike riders. This way, friends and families can join together on the road and truly enjoy the immersive, unique experience of a cycling holiday, without some members being left behind or not enjoying the hills.

A recent study has also found that E-Bike riders sweat 3x less compared to those on standard bikes. This makes them even more appealing for people who want to enjoy a relaxing ride.

If you’ve recently picked up an injury which has meant you can’t ride your usual bike, the E-Bike offers a great alternative. The added assistance ensures there is less impact on your knees whilst the upright position is more suited to reducing back and neck pain.

Where can you get E-Bikes?

We want to encourage as many people to cycle as possible. Therefore, we’ve made it a priority of ours to provide an option for E-Bikes in as many of our holiday destinations as possible. In turn, providing people with the opportunity to experience these incredible places on two wheels. At Love Velo we offer E-Bikes in Italy, France, Croatia, mainland Spain, Mallorca, Tenerife…you see where this is going right? Holland, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Vietnam…and many more.

Head over to our E-Bike Holidays page to find out more about our incredible cycling holidays.Cyclist rides on an E-bike

Whilst we have a number of incredible E-Bike holidays already available, we’re always looking to give you more choice. This is why we’re now the first cycling travel company to provide E-Road Bikes in Lake Garda! Keep an eye out for our next blog to find out more about this exciting announcement…