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Best European Cycling Activity Holidays for Adults

Written by Bethany McAtee on 14th February, 2020

Why Go on a Cycling Holiday?

Want a completely new experience or a break from the kids? Cycling activity holidays for adults could be right up your street. Venture near or far and you’ll find a group of like-minded cyclists pedalling through gorgeous landscapes and immersing into cultures. Except, you don’t need to be a hardcore road cyclist to embark on a cycling adventure. Anyone can hop on a bike and explore, especially under the wing of an experienced guide.

a group of cyclists on a road beside the sea in new zealand

A healthy alternative to being whisked about on your holiday by a driver, cycling allows you to dig that little bit deeper into culture and local lifestyles. Rather than observing landscapes from behind a window screen between cities, ride them in the flesh. Encounter tiny villages with delicious food and ancient architecture. Or stumble across pockets of breathtaking scenery only accessible by bike. Due to the varying levels of ability guided cycling tours cater for, you don’t need to worry about being left behind. Best of all you’ll find cycling activity holidays all over the world. So, take your pick!

Where to Ride


The small island of Mallorca is a classic in the cycling world. Sa Calobra, Cap de Formentor and Puig Major are known as iconic climbs to any road cyclist you ask. Whilst Mallorca attracts thrill seekers and passionate cyclists hoping to encounter a good sufferfest, don’t let that put you off. Ascending a 9.5km climb at an average gradient of 7% takes a lot of practice. Even if you’ve just dabbled in cycling, there are plenty of routes and groups that will fit with your experience.

a bike on a promenade beside the sea with mountains in the background in mallorca

Mallorca is the ultimate cycling playground for both hardcore road cyclists and those who just want to travel by bike. Within the heart of Mallorca sits an abundance of flat quiet country lanes just calling out for the avid explorer. Pedal to traditional towns and experience local life in the markets, churches and eateries. Stay in boutique hotels surrounded by vineyards and orange groves or rent a beautiful villa that encompasses contemporary design and Mallorca’s architectural gothic touch. Although Mallorca’s roads and gravel tracks will lead you to fascinating locations, let’s not forget about those golden sandy beaches! And yes, you can cycle to them…   


What pops into your head when you think of France? Is it the fresh baguettes, the tranquil countryside or even the famous Tour de France? On a cycling holiday, you can experience each of these French highlights, and discover many more hidden gems. As an example, Provence is home to aesthetic hilltop villages where bakeries waft doughy scents on every corner. At the same time, the roads that lead to Provence’s picturesque villages wind past luscious lavender fields pigmented beautiful shades of purple. What’s more, nearby lurks Mont Ventoux, a classic Tour de France climb that will tempt anyone desiring a challenge.

an aesthetic hilltop village in provence france

Yet further West the Canal de Garonne and Canal du Midi offer flat towpaths that travel alongside the peaceful waters. Leisurely roll the legs into leafy scenery, past renaissance chateaus, UNESCO Sites and finish with a glass of local wine. Why not combine both canals and cycle South to the sparkling Mediteranean coast? Whilst the Canal de Garonne takes you from Bordeaux to Toulouse, the Canal du Midi travels Toulouse to Sete. Similarly, the Loire Valley in Northern France provides riverside riding for even the most inexperienced. Discover France from 500 years ago by cycling to Oreleans, Tours and Angers, which are historic towns along the Loire. Live like Queens and Kings in elegant accommodation and taste what is known as the most outstanding wine in France.                                        

Vienna to Budapest 

Perhaps Mallorca and France have already been ticked off your bucket list. Instead, consider cycling from Vienna to Budapest via Slovakia, one of our unique cycling activity holidays for adults. Vienna and Budapest are certainly popular with tourists, yet the towns and areas in between are less frequented. On your bike, you can reach these hidden gems and learn about the contrasting culture of Eastern Europe. What’s especially interesting is that the cycle paths retrace the trails of  Roman, Ottoman and Turk empires. 

a group of cyclists are cycling on the danube river cycle path in hungary on an activity holidays for adults

For the most part, the route from Vienna to Budapest travels beside the mighty Danube River. Starting in Germany’s Black Forest, the Danube flows into 10 countries, with one third of its length in Hungary. En route, your trusty guide will be at hand to answer your questions and reveal Austria, Slovakia and Hungary’s history. In particular, Bratislava Castle is an ancient landmark, with records of its existence dating back to the year 907. On the other hand, the old Hungarian capital, Esztergom is filled to the brim with incredible old buildings. Our advice to you is, don’t miss the orientation walk in any of the locations you stop at!

Fancy joining one of our cycling activity holidays for adults? Contact one of our cycling specialists today. Embark on a guided ride with like-minded or use our handcrafted GPX routes to guide yourself at your own pace.