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Cycling & Wellness Holidays

5th January, 2021

Let’s face it, 2020 wasn’t good for anybody’s mental health, and nor is the current lockdown. The constant stresses and anxieties have been ever present and at times, overwhelming for so many people. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. It affects your relationships with family and friends and a poor mental health affects your daily life as much as a poor diet or poor physical health. A great and proven way to improve your mental health is through both physical exercise and mindfulness. That’s why we have created a collection of holidays which will benefit you both both physically and mentally. Each trip has been curated by our team to offer peaceful and natural settings. Breathe fresh air and let your mind free in these stunning settings. The accommodation has been chosen for its wellbeing offerings and its remote settings, and of course, each comes with a bike for you to ride, explore and switch off.

Dive in and enjoy our 3 favourite cycling and wellness holidays, curated to recharge your batteries, settle your mind and increase your physical wellbeing for the summer.

Lake Garda Cycling & Wellness Retreat

Cycling and wellness, Cycling & Wellness Holidays

There is nowhere quite like Lake Garda. The shimmering waters offer one of the most picturesque views in Europe as mountains cascade into the lake. Home to deep forests, medieval lakeside towns and a stunning natural environment, the lake is the perfect place to take some time for yourself. We have the ultimate cycling and wellness holiday in the Lefay resort, high above Garda’s waters. Your stay will be deep in natural parkland. Rejuvenate your body in the 3,800sqm spa, escape into the hills on a guided mountain bike ride, or follow the roads around the lake to experience some magnificent road riding.

4 nights from £1,950. Learn more

Ibiza Cycling & Wellness Retreat

Cycling and wellness, Cycling & Wellness Holidays
Ibiza is so much more than a party island. The white isle offers unrivalled wellness retreats to switch your mind off in the Mediterranean sunshine.  Your stay will be in a handpicked retreat from which you can enjoy a massage, meditate and simply unwind. It is also the place to free yourself from everyday life and pedal out to discover the beautiful northern coastline and hills on your bike. Ride out to the cliffs at Portinatx and watch the waves come crashing into the rocks, or ride over to Es Canar and immerse yourself in its pine forests and sandy shorelines.

4 nights from £2,300. Learn more

Scottish Cycling & Wellness Retreat

Cycling and wellness, Cycling & Wellness Holidays

If you are looking for somewhere a little closer to home to unwind, then look no further than the beautiful Scottish highlands. Rejuvenate yourself at the unrivalled Gleneagles wellness resort. Put yourself in the caring hands of the resident therapists, indulge in signature treatments and natural remedies, or just relax in a steam room, a hot sauna cabin or dark vitality pool. Explore the wild natural beauty of the highlands by bike, or simply take a walk in the crisp fresh Scottish air.

3 nights from £2,300. Learn more