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Written by Love Velo on 3rd April, 2019

We’ve all been there. Your cycling holiday is almost confirmed and you’ve started counting down the days until your on the plane. But let’s just check how much it costs to bring your bike on a plane…

Half an hour later and you’re emailing 4 different airlines (including their press team and the CEO) trying to find out information that should take 2 minutes. Do you fly with one company because of their maximum weight or another because it’s cheaper one way? Are these prices up-to-date? What are the requirements of the bike box? Can I just go on holiday now, please?

To save you from this drawn-out process, because we’ve been there and know exactly what it’s like, we’ve gathered all this information into one place with links to the correct airline pages for more information.

Airline additional information

Click here to find out how much each airline charges to travel with a bike (in a bike box) and the maximum excess weight you’re allowed.

The information on this page is relevant of April 2019. Before you fly with any airline, we recommend you double check their website to ensure the price is the same and has not changed.

Man holding his luggage

Once you’re all set, all that’s left to do is enjoy your cycling holiday! Get some inspiration for your next trip below…

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