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The Best Rides in Castellon

26th March, 2024

Set against the stunning backdrop of Spain’s vibrant eastern coast, this region offers a rich tapestry of terrains, from the exhilarating climbs in the inland mountains to the serene rides along the azure Mediterranean coastline. Castellón is a hidden gem for cyclists seeking to discover an array of landscapes, including the rugged beauty of the Penyagolosa Natural Park and the gentle, rolling hills that lead to picturesque coastal towns.

Here are some of our favourite rides in the area:

Desierto de les Palmas National Park

Just outside of Benicassim is the Les Palmas National Park. It’s a great loosener if you’ve just arrived in the region as you can ride the coastal road and then climb up into the national park for a single summit ride.  Head down the coast and take a right on to the CV144 which takes you inland and before another right on to the CV 147. From here, the park’s roads wind through lush landscapes, offering a climb that is both challenging and rewarding. You will have about 9km from the bottom to the Mirador Poteria Alta, a fantastic lookout from which you can see the winding coastline and the hills inland. You won’t go above 500m and whilst there are a couple of ramps, you will average a steady 4.5% incline, a perfect way to kick off any cycling holiday in Benicassim.

The Best Rides in Castellon, The Best Rides in Castellon


Our favourite long ride from Benicassim takes in the national park but heads out further north towards Benlloc. After summiting at the Mirador Poteria Alta, instead of looping back to the coast, follow the road to the north for some gentle climbing through Cabanes at about 300m, and then on to Mas de Campos followed by the tiny area of Basanova. This will provide some good climbing covering 35-40km with about 750m of elevation. The climb is long and gentle averaging only 2% and a maximum slope of 10%. Make this a 905-100km ride by following the coast to Capicorb and riding a perfect 30km down the coats, almost entirely flat, back to Benicassim.

Torre de Foios

We think that the toughest ride in the area starts just to the south of Castellon. Starting just outside of Villareal, you can take on 125km with over 2,250m of climbing. Head north from Villareal towards Montanejos for what is 1 50km ride that will test mental strength as much as physical, as you slowly climb from just above sea level, to just 500m. It’s far from being a physically gruelling ride but it does take strength to keep pedalling against the gradual incline. Just north of Montanejos is the stunning Arenos Reservoir. From here, you’ll be in the heart of the mountains and you’ll be able to climb to Castillo de Villamalefa at 1,000m of sea level before almost 40km of almost uninterrupted descent.

aerial view of reservoir


Via Verde del Mar

For those seeking a gentler ride, the Via Verde offers a scenic escape along an old railway line that has been transformed into a greenway. Stretching from Benicàssim to Oropesa, this route is a flat, easy ride, perfect for a recovery day or a leisurely exploration with family. The path runs along the coast, offering stunning sea views and access to hidden beaches where you can cool off with a refreshing swim.