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The Best Cycling in Spain


Jaw dropping coast lines, medieval villages and a warm climate ensures that cycling in Spain is perfect for just about any type of cyclist. Spain offers diverse landscapes. From the foothills of the Pyrenees just outside Girona, to the Sierra Nevada rising up over the sun drenched plains of Andalucia, the country’s extraordinary views means any cycling trip will be one to remember. Take in Mediterranean coves and beaches, visit medieval hilltop villages and enjoy exquisite gastronomy wherever the bike takes you. Love Velo offer a variety of trips in Spain so you can be sure that whatever you're looking for from your cycling holiday, it can be found with us.

the best cycling in Spain, The Best Cycling in Spain

A group of Love Velo travellers enjoying an E-Bike tour of Girona. Electric Bikes are increasing in popularity and Spain is a great place to use them.

the best cycling in Spain, The Best Cycling in Spain

Cycling in the Pyrenees is an incredible experience and is one of our most popular trips in Spain.

the best cycling in Spain, The Best Cycling in Spain

Taking in the picturesque city of Girona on one of our bespoke cycling holidays

the best cycling in Spain, The Best Cycling in Spain

There's plenty more to Spain than the hills! Become immersed in the country's culture and experience first had the rich, exuberant lifestyle

The Best Cycling Holidays in Spain For Families

Mainland Spain is a great place to spend a family holiday, especially if your family love cycling. The choice of different terrains, difficulties and scenery means we can tailor make your holiday for you, ensuring the experience is completely unique to you and your family. Our Dali Inspired Catalonia Cycling Holiday is perfect for families with children of all ages. Riding along the beautiful Costa Brava Coastline is the best way to explore the untouched landscape and, with an average of 40km per day (this can be adjusted to your preference) you will have plenty of time to enjoy the area, taste the local cuisine and relax on the luxurious beaches. For those interested in their food, the Catalonia for Foodies holiday is something completely different and introduces you to Spain from a whole new angle. The locally sourced food is one of the highlights of Catalonia and this trip is perfectly designed to ensure you try it all. At 30km per day, riding conditions for families are relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. Alternatively, you can spend your holiday in Spain in one singular hotel located in the luxury resort of La Manga. From here you can cycle round the beautiful region of Murcia and experience Spain at your own pace.


The Best Trips in Spain on a Budget

Due to the flexibility of all our holidays, you can choose how you want to budget your trip. In Spain you can spend a long weekend in Girona from just £215, here you can climb the famous Rocacorba climb, explore the stunning city of Girona and potentially ride alongside professionals as this is where the majority of them train. This trip can be extended or shortened depending on your preferences although we recommend staying here for at least 3 days as there's just so much to do! The Girona Festival of Cycling is a 5 day holiday from just £525. This trip offers incredible events, entry to the famous Girona Granfondo and the opportunity to take part in spectacular group rides. Alternatively, you can extend this holiday for a week or longer, allowing you more time to become immersed in the Girona lifestyle and fully experience the action packed cycling week.

The Best Cycling Holidays in Spain For Experienced Cyclists

Spain, the training ground for Tour riders, offers perfect riding conditions for seasoned cyclists. Beyond the Girona Festival of Cycling, a popular event for seasoned cyclists, another great cycling holiday in Spain is the Spanish Pyrenean Adventure. This holiday is perfect for those looking to challenge themselves whilst riding in a stunning, mountainous environment. The Els Angels Loop is one of the more famous rides in the mountains whilst the meandering countryside lanes and scenic coastal routes continue to attract the best riders in the world. The stunning weather in northern Spain also ensures you can be guaranteed perfect riding conditions throughout the majority of the year, adding to the already perfect location and routes that the Pyrenees provides.



Love Velo's Favourite Climb in Spain

Spain is a perfect place to ride regardless of experience and ability. You can choose to ride the flatter countryside routes or, alternatively, take on some of the most renowned climbs in Europe. The Spanish Pyrenean Adventure Holiday is perfect for keen riders wanting to take on iconic climbs alongside professionals and other like minded riders. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to tackle the Vallter 2000, Camprodon and Els Angels. Each of these climbs poses a new challenge and equally incredible views along the ascent. The Sant Grau is also a great Spanish climbs and will challenge even the best riders. Featured on the 2009 Tour de France, you will be treated to awe-inspiring views and one of the best routes in the world. As has become evident, its hard to label one climb in Spain as the best therefore the only way for you to come to a conclusion is by cycling in the Pyrenees yourself. You won't regret going on this holiday and ticking off what should be a bucket list experience for any serious cyclist.

The Best Places to Cycle in Spain with Friends

What makes Spain such an incredible cycling destination is the flexibility of the area. If you’re an experienced rider looking to tackle the famous mountains, a less seasone dcyclist looking for some rest days or simply want t spend the week sitting by the pool and exploring Girona whilst your friends climb up the Vallter 2000, we can sort out the perfect trip for you. When booking with friends, we appreciate that you are likely to have different requirements. Just let our cycling experience team know what you’re hoping to get out of your holiday to Spain and they’ll ensure you have the best trip possible, regardless of your cycling ability. Choose from one of our Spanish holidays – we love the Spanish Pyrenean Adventure and the Dali Inspired Catalonia Cycling Holiday, and tailor the itinerary to suit you. We also offer discounts to groups of friends with 8+ people so send us an enquiry and we’ll start planning your trip right away.



Love Velo's Favourite Spanish Destination

For seasoned cyclists, it's hard to look further than the Spanish Pyrenean Adventure as the best cycling holiday in Spain. With the chance to climb the famous Els Angles, Vallter 2000 and Camprodon, it's no surprise this is where the professionals train. Most of our Spanish Cycling holidays use Girona as the base. The beautiful city is positioned perfectly to head out and take on the mountains whilst it also offers less experienced riders the chance to explore the luxurious golden beaches, extraordinary mountainous coast and quaint fishing villages in north east Spain. If you're not as interested in the cycling challenges that await you in the Pyrenees, you can choose from the Dali Inspired Catalonia Cycling Holiday or the Taste of Catalonia for Foodies Holiday. Both these trips are perfect for shorter days on the bike with more time being spent discovering the outstanding region. As a result, we would recommend all our of Girona based holidays. If you're looking for some variation in your riding, we can tailor your trip to ensure you experience the best of Spain and Girona throughout your stay.

The Best Cycling Holidays in Spain For A Great Picture or Selfie

The sheer natural beauty of the Pyrenees and Girona means you’re likely to fill up your camera memory in no time! When searching for the best picture, you’re likely to find that the views at the top of one of the Pyrenees’s many peaks will offer the best shots. The expansive natural landscape is intensified by the consistent Spanish sun and makes the challenging climbs even more rewarding. A selfie at the top of the Mare de Dacu del Mont will be sure to earn you a few likes on Instagram whilst, back on level ground in Girona, the beautiful River Onyar, impressive gothic architecture and quaint restaurants offer a very different but equally beautiful opportunity for a picture.

Why Travel to Spain with Love Velo?

Girona is one of our favourite cycling destinations and, as such, we send lots of riders out there every year. The contrast of beautiful city and breathtaking mountains makes Girona a cyclists paradise. Over the years, we've learnt a great deal about wheres best to stay in Catalonia, where the best climbs are in the Pyrenees and how to plan a holiday to ensure you leave with having had the best, most fulfilling experience. We'll provide you with the best routes and first class advice when staying in the region. As official travel partners of British Cycling, we can also offer you a discount on your holiday to Spain. Whilst we love Girona and mainland Spain, we also have great holidays on the Spanish Islands including Mallorca, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Go and check those out and decide where in Spain you want to travel with Love Velo!

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the best cycling in Spain, The Best Cycling in Spain