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The Best Cycling in the Middle East


The Middle East is growing in popularity as a tourist destination and, additionally, as a place to cycle. The ancient lands of Jordan and Israel are steeped in mythology and host the earliest civilisations. Enjoy Israel, one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the Middle East and experience the authenticity of Jerusalem, the beaches of Tel Aviv and the stunning port of Jaffa. Our cycling holidays will take you to the the Negev desert home to ancient Bedouin traditions and deep red canyons and into Jordan where the city of Petra is an absolute must for any visitor.

the best cycling in the Middle East, The Best Cycling in the Middle East

Mountain biking through Israel and Jordan, off the beaten track and amongst the Middle East wildlife

the best cycling in the Middle East, The Best Cycling in the Middle East

Walking towards one of the many Middle Eastern ruins. Their rich history makes them an incredible place to explore.

the best cycling in the Middle East, The Best Cycling in the Middle East

The winding roads that you'll cycle whilst exploring Jordan and Israel. Many are unaware of how ideal perfect cycling is in the Middle East.

the best cycling in the Middle East, The Best Cycling in the Middle East

A group of Love Velo cyclists stopping for a picture on their Middle East Cycling Holiday after meeting new friends and learning from their guide.

The Best Cycling Holidays in the Middle East For Families

As a relatively new cycling destination, families are often not yet aware of the wonders of the Middle East. Riding in Jordan and Israel will be unlike any other cycling experience in the world. The expansive mountainous landscape is a dotted with ancient ruins and castles. Families will love this alternative holiday and won’t regret travelling somewhere beyond the typical cycling tourist spots. The Mountain Biking in Jordan holiday is the most appealing for families with adventure, culture and the famous Dead Sea providing excitement for all family members. At more than 400m below sea level, floating on the salty waters is a bucket list experience that, whatever age, will be one of the highlights of the trip.

The Best Trips in the Middle East on a Budget

Our trips in the Middle East are, due to their action packed itineraries and once-in-a-life-time adventures, generally more expensive than a holiday in Europe. This is because the experience is unique to the area and, as such, you won't be able to find anything similar anywhere else in the world. However, due to the connections and relationships we have with different organisations in Jordan and Israel and the experience we have in organising trips for customers, we are able to offer these holidays at a significantly lower price than you will find anywhere else and, in turn, provide a better, fully inclusive holiday package for you. Travelling with Love Velo is the best way to experience the Middle East by bike and you won't regret making the decision to come along!

The Best Cycling Holidays in the Middle East For Experienced Cyclists

Experienced riders will love the Dead Sea Road Cycling Holiday in the Middle East. With challenging climbs, spiralling descents, traffic free roads and awe inspiring scenery round every corner, the trip offers idyllic cycling conditions in a completely new, exciting environment. The trip covers an average of 75km per day and guides you through the highlights of Jordan including the spectacular Town of Petra (one of the Eight Wonders of the World) and the fascinating town of Aqaba, known for its popular nearby snorkelling spots. The incredible cycling is broken up by equally impressive landmarks and views. The perfect holiday for seasoned riders looking for a new challenge somewhere their friends have almost certainly never been!

Love Velo's Favourite Climb in the Middle East

On Day 12 of our Dead Sea Road Cycling Holiday, the penultimate day of riding, you will leave the historic city of Petra and head towards the famous Dead Sea. Our favourite climb is up to Shobak, the first Crusader Castle built in Jordan. Sitting on top of a dramatic hill, your climb up to Shobak Castle will be clearly visible from a long distance away. It is a relatively untouched tourist location and, whilst the climb will certainly be challenging, you'll be treated to an incredible reward at the top.

The Best Places to Cycle in the Middle East with Friends

Both of our Middle East cycling Holidays provide the perfect experience for you and your friends. The trips are unique and you’re unlikely to find a similar experience anywhere else in the world with any other tour operators. If you’re planning on travelling to the Middle East with friends then we’d love to help you out and plan the best possible holiday for you and your mates! Cycling in Jordan and Israel is truly a once in a life time experience, one you will love to spend with your friends.

Love Velo's Favourite Middle Eastern Destination

On day 5 of the Mountain Biking in Jordan Holiday you will visit Petra. The historical city, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the 7th Wonder of the World, is one of the most incredible sites on earth. The famous Treasury to the Siq (Al-Khazneh) is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jordan and, therefore, is Love Velo's unrivalled favourite destination in the Middle East. Nothing quite prepares you for Petra and, as just one of the many highlights on the Mountain Biking in Jordan trip, you'll be wishing you could stay and immerse yourself in the country forever.

The Best Cycling Holidays in Asia For A Great Picture or Selfie

You can be confident that everywhere you look in the Middle East, you will be treated to exceptional views and an abundance of photo opportunities. Petra, the famous 7th Wonder of the World, is the clear option for a picture, not many of your friends will be able to claim they’ve got a picture in front of an official wonder of the world. With incredible photo opportunities round every corner, you’ll have enough material for social media for the next year!

Why Travel to the Middle East with Love Velo?

The Middle East is growing in popularity and, with tourism no Jordan's most profitable industry, the demand for these holidays is only increasing. As we have found, customers travelling to the Middle East are often doing so for the first time and therefore look for good advice, trustworthy guiding and transfers and an overall professional booking experience. Love Velo offer all of these and more. With personal experience cycling in the Middle East and great contacts in the area, we know how to organise the perfect cycling holiday for you. With the obvious language barrier and the daunting feeling of travelling to a new country, we appreciate that sometimes its easier to go somewhere familiar. However, you can be assured that we'll cater to your every need and provide you with the best cycling holiday in the Middle East possible.

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the best cycling in the Middle East, The Best Cycling in the Middle East