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The Best Cycling in Mallorca

Road Cycling in Mallorca

Love Velo are the experts when it comes to cycling holidays in Mallorca. We send thousand of cyclists to enjoy road cycling in Mallorca every year and we know every Mallorca cycling route worth riding, and every one of the best climbs in Mallorca.

Mallorca is the ultimate cycling holiday destination. Offering jaw dropping and astounding views across the Tramuntana mountain range, experienced cyclists will climb and descend the famous tarmac of Sa Calobra, Puig Major and Cap Formentor. From Port Pollensa, the Tramuntana’s formidable limestone spires offer the ultimate cycling holiday.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the rural flatlands, you can cycle through almond blossoms falling on the meadows, through sleepy villages peppered with orange groves, whilst spending your nights staying in fincas (converted barn houses and traditional stone buildings).

You can travel to Mallorca with confidence that the weather will be sunny for the majority of the year. Autumn and Spring are the most popular seasons as the temperature is cool but the sun is still present however, you will still find excellent riding in the summer and winter so long as you have weather appropriate clothing and equipment with you. From Mallorca’s turquoise coastlines to its famous climbs, this stunning Balearic island never fails to seduce.

The Ten Best Climbs In Mallorca

If you’re heading out on a Mallorca cycling holiday, the famous Mallorca cycling climbs will be in your list. From taking on famous Mallorca cycling routes such as Cap Formentor or Sa Calobra, to less well known climbs such as the Coll de Randa or Sobremunt, you will want to know the best routes to ride, when to ride them and how to reach them. We have huge experience in having ridden Mallorca's famous climbs and helped thousands of cyclists tackle them. Check out what we consider to be the ten best climbs here, or for an extensive look at each individual climb, click on one of the climbs below to find out more.

If you want to speak to one of the team about cycling in Mallorca, make an enquiry below and one of our expert team who know the island's routes incredibly well, will give you all the help and advice you will need.

Best Routes & Rides in Mallorca

The best cycling routes in Mallorca are plentiful but there are three that most road cyclists want to ride on most cycling holidays in Mallorca.

Cap Formentor

The route out to Cap Formentor has been described as the best cycling route in Mallorca, and even on occasion, the best 40km in Europe. Stretching the length of the island’s northern peninsula, the scenery is spectacular. You will ride out of Port Pollensa and almost immediately start climbing. Leaving the port behind, you will ride to Es Colomer, a lookout over the crystal blue waters below. From here, you will descend into the pine forests of the peninsular before a long drag which takes you out to the tip of the island. From here, the ride becomes more spectacular by the kilometre as you enjoy switchbacks and truly incredible views, before you reach the Cap Formentor lighthouse. It’s a 37km round trip, so a quick detour to the Formentor beach, where you can loo back out at Port Pollensa, is recommended.

Andratx to Port Pollensa

This is one of Mallorca’s toughest routes, traversing the majestic Tramuntana Mountains while flanked by long stretches of the sparkling Mediterranean, steep valleys and cliff edges. For those looking for extra climbing along this route, you can drop down to Port Valldemossa, Port Soller and Sa Calobra, to ride down to the water's edge and back up. This route is not for the feint hearted and s one of the toughest days you can enjoy (?) on a cycling holiday in Mallorca. We can arrange transport to Andratx from Port Pollensa for you to spend the day riding back from south to north.

Loop of the Tramuntana

If you want the best climbing in Mallorca, then you have to ride in the Tramuntana mountains. Home to Sa Calobra, Cap Formentor and a myriad of other climbs, the Tramuntana is cycling at its finest. Our favourite route will take you over the Coll d'Orient, the Coll d'Honor, the Coll de Soller and Puig Major. You can even drop down to Sa Calobra and ride that too if you have the legs.

GPX Files & Route Tips

The Tramuntana Mountain Range that descends down the west coast of Mallorca, is home to some of the most famous climbs in Europe. Sa Calobra is certainly one of the highlights of the island. Sitting at 682 metres, the Cat 1 climb runs for 9.2km with an average gradient of 7%. It's a great challenge for experienced riders and offers magnificent views over the Balearic Sea.

For a more challenging climb, Puig Major sits at 850m and demands a 14km climb at a 6.2% gradient. Both of these ascents will be on your bucket list if you're an experienced cyclist and make up just two of the many climbing highlights in Mallorca.

On our Port Pollensa Cycling Holiday you can take on these two climbs as well as every other iconic ascent in the region. We'll set you up in an ideally located accommodation and provide you with the best routes to take on the mountainous island.

Check out some of our GPX file here which are free to download.


Where to Stay in Mallorca

There is nowhere we don't like staying in Mallorca. Our cycling team have spent countless holidays in Mallorca, finding out where the best places to ride, to stay and to climb are. We know the island very well and, as such, wouldn't want to limit you!

Most road cyclists will stay around Port Pollensa and many of our cycling holidays in Mallorca start from here. Check out our separate blog on the town here.

For a more relaxed, family centred trip, the Coast to Coast Holiday introduces you to the varying landscapes of Mallorca via some easier rides whilst the Southern Beaches are arguably one of the most beautiful spots on the island. There's truly something for everyone making choosing our favourite destination almost impossible (we do love the rides downs the west coast, through)!

Whilst many people wouldn't think of Palma for a cycling holiday in Mallorca, it can be the perfect base to mix some cycling and culture. Visit the cathedral and the old town one day, ride the Tramuntana mountains the next. Or spend a day riding the flaltands before having a drink in the port in the evening. You need to work out where in Palma is best to stay to suit your cycling needs and luckily for you, we've got just the blog on where to stay if you want to cycle whilst staying in Palma. Check it out here.

For the ultimate guide on where to stay on a cycling holiday in Mallorca, click here.

When to Cycle in Mallorca

Cycling in Mallorca in best enjoyed in the shoulder seasons, so Spring and Autumn. You can ride in the summer but you need to be off your bike by about 10am as it will invariably be too hot to ride past then. In the winter, Mallorca more or less shuts down, even in Palma.

Cycling in the Spring

March and April are popular times for a cycling holiday in Mallorca although the island actually opens by early March.  April tends to be a little bit cooler than May but it's also exceptionally busy with cyclists, and the Mallorca 312 brings an influx of riders at the end of the month. May significantly warms up and can even be very hot by the end of the month. Read more about cycling in Mallorca in the Spring here.

Cycling in the Autumn

The temperature for cycling in Mallorca in September and October is perfect for riding. As well as the air temperature being a lot cooler than the summer months, you can still expect blue skies and warm weather especially in the early Autumn. The weather can get wetter later in the season so make sure you are prepared. Read more about cycling in the Autumn here.

Where to Cycle in Mallorca

The question of where to ride in Mallorca is really down to what you're looking to get out of your holiday. There are so many different types of cycling that you will be spoilt for choice. With its stunning natural landscapes, diverse terrain, and excellent infrastructure, it offers endless possibilities for cyclists of all levels. The most popular rides are into the Tramuntana mountain range, which offers challenging climbs and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. However there are also plenty of flat rides, rural countryside cycling and some hidden gems to discover. Fortunately for you, we have put together a blog on where we think are the best places to cycle in Mallorca.

Top Tips for a Mallorca Cycling Holiday

A Mallorca cycling holiday should be an amazing experience. However, there are some things that you need to ensure you are aware of to make sure that your holiday is as good as it can be. Check out our top tips for a cycling holiday in Mallorca.

Bike Rental in Mallorca

Bicycle rental in Mallorca is our speciality and we only work with the best suppliers on the island. The question is though, what type of bike do you need for a cycling holiday in Mallorca. Is there any real difference for an amateur rider in riding a 105 groupset as opposed to Ultegra? Is renting a bike with DI2 electronic gearing worthwhile? Is it possible to hire e-bike in Mallorca.

Fortunately, we answer all these questions here, so you can choose what bikes to hire in Mallorca.

The Mallorca 312

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The best cycling in Mallorca, The Best Cycling in Mallorca