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Written by Jonathan B on 1st June, 2018

Cycling across different countries is a great way to visit new places, get to know different cultures and taste unique cuisines in a relatively short amount of time. With these action-filled trips growing in popularity, here are five of the best holidays that take you across countries.

Venice to Croatia

The holiday begins in Venice where you can cruise the canals on a gondola and immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings. Once you’ve explored the floating city in full, the cycling begins. Following the coast East, you’ll be greeted by stunning Croatian coastal views and rural countryside.

As the journey continues you will head towards the Julian Alps and relax in the stunning architectural cities of Trieste and Aquileia, before concluding the trip in the popular town of Porec. Situated in the Istria county, Porec is home to the 6th Century Euphrasian Basilica and numerous relaxing coastal spots.

Gondels in Venice

Amsterdam to Brugge

Once you have explored Amsterdam in full, you’ll begin your descent South towards the medieval city of Gouda, well-known for its cheese and authentic street markets. The cycle continues to take you through Biesboch National Park, one of the largest National Parks in the Netherlands, before heading through a number of small but charming towns.

The trip concludes in the popular tourist city of Brugge. Known for its Gothic architecture and cobbled streets, the historic city provides a perfect end to the trip. Make sure to explore outside the main square as this is where you’ll find the best places to eat and drink.

Amsterdam to Paris

If the cycle from Amsterdam to Brugge was too short then simply extend it! This holiday takes you further South towards the famous French Capital. You’ll visit the likes of Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium before stopping in the traditional French communes of Compiegne and Senlis. The ride is relatively flat and is ideal for new cyclists wanting to explore the best of Europe.

Saigon to Bangkok

This holiday provides you with the opportunity to explore historic architecture in South East Asia and take in a mix of authentic cultures and impressive scenery. The scenic towns of Vietnam will make for a unique cycle before you enter Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, via the Mekong River. Cambodia hosts the famous Angkor Wat as well as other historic landmarks that you’ll visit on your trip.

As your holiday draws to a close, you’ll ride along the turquoise ocean waters in Thailand before relaxing on the beach and exploring the lively city of Bangkok!

Boat on a Beautuful blue ocean

Cycling holiday across 5 countries

This cycle will take you round the iconic Meuse River and the Venbahn Trail where you’ll discover hidden parts of Europe in Holland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. You’ll be off the tourist trail and treated to incredible landscapes and charming towns such as the Ardennes-Eiffel Nature Park in Belgium and the relaxing commune of Montherme in France.