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Written by Kevin P on 15th September, 2017

We are delighted to announce that Olympic hero and British Cycling superstar Callum Skinner has joined the Love Velo team as our new Brand Ambassador.

Callum who won Gold in the men’s team sprint and Silver in the men’s individual sprint at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio has a huge passion for cycling at all levels, a passion shared by all at Love Velo and we are looking forward to working together with Callum on a number of initiatives that will provide competitive, regular and casual cyclists with new ways to experience the sport they love. Look out for further announcements this year including how Love Velo customers will have the opportunity to ride alongside Callum.

To get to know our Brand Ambassador we asked Callum a few questions…

As mere mortals, we’ve got to know, what was your first thought as that gold medal was hung round your neck in Rio?

It’s one of the best feelings ever! As a result its quite hard to describe, its truly a life ambition achieved. You end up on such a high that takes ages to come down from it.

Was it difficult to race against room mate and friend, Jason Kenny in the individual sprint?

You couldn’t really pick a tougher opponent than the reigning Olympic champion and Britain’s most successful Olympian. I’d say what’s great about Jasons and my relationship is that we can be really good friends and supportive rider off the track and we keep the fierce coemption on the track.

Dish the dirt. Who is the worst trainer on the team?

Its not my place to say, if they are reading this they know who they are!

And who’s most likely to miss a flight?

Probably me, I’ve got quite a relaxed approach to traveling, I’ve missed two before!

Talking of flights, what destination would be your cycling holiday of choice?

If I were to go touring probably somewhere in South East Asia, the amazing coasts and countryside combined with the manic cities would be great fun.

What’s your music of choice when you’re on the bike?

It depends on my mood, I usually like to listen to new music when I’m on my bike like the Discover Weekly section on Spotify. Otherwise I quite like deep house DJ mixes, I feel like I focus best listening to that.

Finally, depress us, what it your fastest ever lap time of a Velodrome?

My fastest 200m was on the Rio Velodrome with a 9.7. Speed is one of the main things that attracted me to this sport, it’s the fastest sport in the summer games.


Thanks, Callum! To find out what rides we will be doing with Callum in 2018 and how you can ride with a gold medallist, email us at [email protected] and stay tuned!