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World Mental Health Day

Written by Jonathan B on 10th October, 2018

The feeling of riding a bike, in our opinion, is incomparable. Whether it’s the social aspect of cycling with friends and family, the adrenaline gained from riding downhill at great speeds or simply the relaxed rides around your home town, there’s something unique about the experience.

With more statistics and data being shared every day, we wanted to help promote the mental health benefits of cycling and, in general, physical activity. It is widely accepted, and supported by research, that just 30 minutes of casual physical activity a day can help to improve an individual’s mood. We think cycling is a great way to incorporate this activity into your day due to the practicality and ease of riding a bike. Whether this is on your commute to/from work or you take an hour out of your day to ride out to the quiet, scenic roads in your area (there will be some somewhere!) and escape from hustle and bustle of everyday life.Group of cyclists talking to each other Working in the cycling industry, we’re constantly surrounded by people who celebrate the positive impact cycling has had on their life. Some examples talk about the long term friends they’ve made through the sport whilst others highlight how important cycling has been in helping them overcome specific mental health problems. As a study conducted on 1.2 million Americans supported, those who exercised had 43.2% fewer poor days of mental health in comparison to those who didn’t. The findings point to an evident benefit of physical activity which we, as a company, are always looking to promote.

An article in the Huffington Post provides us with an inspiring real life example of where cycling has changed an individuals life for the better, something we have seen a number of times. Amy Packham writes that 32 year old Oliver Atkins used cycling as a way to help overcome his alcohol addiction, anxiety and depression. 6 years later, he’s taking part in competitions and enjoying life on two wheels. With 12.5% of men suffering from mental health problems, we want to continue supporting anyone that has successfully used cycling as an outlet as this will only encourage more people to give it a go.Cyclist with mud on his face At Love Velo we want to do everything in our power to help people struggling with mental health problems. We firmly believe that cycling is a great way to free the mind and we encourage everyone to give it a go, regardless of whether you plan to use it for transport, competition or anything in between.